What's your favorite project? Last month we shared 7 of the top Tekla Global BIM Award 2016 projects with our students on Tekla Campus and asked them to recognize there favorite. Not surprisingly our student winners from Lodz University of Technology once again received the highest praise. With 33% of the votes, its safe to say these budding students are on their way to becoming successful AEC professionals. You can read more about the project here, however, what's exciting about this project is that this team was constructed from multiple faculties within the college. Students from Architecture, Civil Engineering & Environmental Engineering all had a part in making this project a reality. The students realized early on that communication, model-sharing, and visualization using Tekla software were key benefits in making sure this project was completed and on-time.



More about the competition

Tekla Global BIM Awards is an annual competition.  In order to compete at the Global level you must compete within your region.  The regional events will begin January/February 2017.  You may visit https://campus.tekla.com/tekla-student-bim-awards to learn more about the competition and find links to each of the regional event pages.

Monthly Poll Questions

Each month we raise a question at Tekla Campus like "What is your favorite project" or "Where are you located" or What level of studies are you in" and we would like to hear from you.  Take part in our monthly poll question by logging into your Tekla Campus account and enter your response at the bottom of the home page.  This month's poll question is currently live, "What is your affiliation with Tekla Campus?"