This past month we asked our Campus users what they would like to see more of in Tekla Campus and the results are in…  

Our top 5 items were:

  • Certification
  • Example Models
  • Additional Learning Paths
  • Job Opportunities
  • Case Studies

We have a lot of exciting things planned for Campus and we want you to know that we are working on implementing many of the items you have stated above, however, there are some things that you can already take advantage of.   

27% of you want to see Certification.  Although Certification is not directly included in Tekla Campus, we do offer badges, which act as mini certificates to show off what you know.  After each learning module or lesson within Campus, you have the opportunity to answer a series of questions Answer these and earn badges to display in your profile.  

21% would like to see additional Learning Paths.  We are currently working on new learning paths and will deliver these as soon as they are ready but please keep suggestions coming to us.


24% requested Example Models.  Currently, we have a number of models available including our Tekla Campus House model, which includes a ArchiCADmodel, a MEP model from DDS-CAD, and some IFC reference files of other related disciplines.  You will find these models as a model Template in your Tekla Learning license and you can also download some models through our Learn Section but we will also look to add more models in the future.


16% indicated they would like to see Job Opportunities.  This is one of our top priorities.  We realize that one of the major fears facing our students is finding a job upon graduation and we are working on ways to bridge this gap.  At present, we are just posting opportunities as they come in, but moving forward we are hoping to provide a more fluid link to graduate training programs and other job opportunities.  Keep checking back, for now look in the discussion forum or check the news section to discover new opportunities today.


Finally, 5% indicated they would like to see Case Studies.  Stay tuned, more will be added, for now though, you may check out the current case studies we have available within the Opportunity Section of Tekla Campus. There are also many case studies already available at


We value your input and appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback.  Take part in our current poll by logging into your Tekla Campus Account

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