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What role in civil engineering do you want to pursue? We raised this question last month to get an idea of what you at Tekla Campus strive to do. We found out that 37% of our users are interested in pursuing steel detailing, and the next top growing career choice are office-based structural engineers. More and more students are learning about the role Tekla Structures plays within structural engineering and construction management.  

There are other ways to look at this poll. The roles students pursue are often different around the world, which also reflects how Tekla Structures is utilized in different parts of the world. In some countries, the structural engineer takes care of both the detailing and engineering, whereas in other parts of the world the detailer maintains a separate role and works alongside the structural engineer, fabricator or contractor.

With BIM and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) gaining ground globally, professionals and owners are demanding higher level of automation and production efficiency from the model. This can be accomplished by requiring a more developed, information-rich model throughout the project lifecycle. Students are realizing this trend as well. Not only are they learning about the industry, but also how better use of the technology can save project time and resources and improve quality. For example, students at California Polytechnic State University are learning about Tekla Structures as part of Architectural Engineering & Construction Management courses. By using Tekla Structures they begin to see the limitations of the Architectural model and begin to understand why an accurate, fully detailed building information model is.   

With Tekla, students’ pursuing careers in structural engineering can learn to create a combined building model in order to collaborate efficiently with architects, mechanical & electrical engineers, contractors and fabricators. They are also learning to use this model to automatically produce all structural documentation, including construction drawings, steel and reinforcement detailed drawings, reports and material schedules. One of the best takeaways is that they are learning about constructability.  

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