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In a previous poll, we asked our students what they fear most when graduating from college and 43% of them choose finding a job. In our recent poll, we asked which resources you use when searching for a job and 37% selected “search online job postings”. 

The industry is a very competitive market.  There are hundreds of graduates that are exploring search engines in hope of finding that dream job, or any job for that matter. How can you stand out?  What are the best search mechanisms for you?  How can you prepare?

You are off to a good start.  You are here on Tekla Campus, which means you understand learning the tools of the trade and diving into the industry trends like BIM and IPD are going to be useful in standing out amongst your peers. This is the perfect time to invest in yourself and build your CV.  Using search engines are great ways to discover new opportunities, but many of the top firms also offer internship and graduate programs. These offer a perfect chance to grow and understand the industry and develop skills that will take you further in your career.    

Where to start?


You might ask yourself, how do I know which companies to research? In the end, the answer depends on what you want work on. Here again on Tekla Campus we have some resources for you. Take a look on the Opportunities page. Dive into one of our case studies and discover some of the leading companies and what types of projects they work on. If it sounds like a great fit, then research their company website for student graduate / internship programs. 

Build your CV 

In an ever competitive market, you have to showcase your skills. Building a portfolio of work is the best way to show off your hard work and stand out. On Tekla Campus, you have unlimited space to upload samples of your work. Visit your Tekla Campus profile and upload your work and share your profile with perspective employers.

We know that the job market is a competitive place and we are working on ways to help our Tekla Campus users stand out amongst their peers. Take time to invest in yourself.  

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