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We asked our Tekla Campus users and 75% stated Steel.

We asked our Tekla Campus users and 75% stated Steel, which is not surprising giving the level of automation that has been occurring in steel fabrication, and how the model delivers integrated design to fabrication.  However, did you know that the concrete industry is also now requiring similar levels of automation?  Learn about Tekla's concrete construction workflow and watch webinars of how the industry is utilizing these tools to save time, reduce risks, avoid errors and improve communication.  


More benefits of a Tekla Structures Construction BIM Model

For a concrete contractor, an accurate 3D Tekla model delivers benefit at every stage of the construction process. Quantity takeoff is fast and accurate, giving you better estimates.  To save time and money, reducing site errors is important – with Tekla software, you can make sure everything fits before you build it. And to keep everyone informed, share your model freely with the engineer and contractor.

  • Model for preconstruction: Quickly create accurate 3D model of your job.
  • Plan to pour: Use the 3D model to get organized, estimate and efficiently prepare to pour.
  • Pour on site: Take the model on site to pour the concrete confident everything is covered. 

For February's Poll we are going to have a little fun.  Let's go on a scavenger hunt and discover a Tekla Structure!  Login to your Tekla Campus account and see the clues.  What is your guess?