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Thank you all that participated in our March Poll question. It appears that many of you take your career choice seriously and look for many ways to stay up to date with the latest tools, tips & tricks. Whether you’re a first year student or already graduated preparing for the job you want requires dedication and hard work and for those studying in the AEC industry it also means knowing BIM!

The results of our poll indicated that 4% are being introduced to Tekla while still in High School. Imagine the knowledge and skillset these students will leave with by starting at such a young age. The larger percentages bared closer to graduation with 30% having already graduated, 23% currently enrolled in graduate programs, 17% in 4th year of studies, 11% in their 3rd of studies, 5% are in their 2nd year of studies, and 9% enrolled in a Technical/diploma program. By the looks of these numbers, many of you will begin the job search soon if you haven’t already. Can you answer these questions? Are you resourceful? Are you pro-active? Can you solve problems? Are you detailed? Do you know BIM? Do you have any experience? Can you show some of your work? The first few questions you will need to look deep inside yourself for, however the later few we can help.

While you may not have many years of experience working in the industry, BIM is evolving daily, and as firms are adopting this process, they are learning how to use this technology to build better, smarter, and cleaner. Unlike work experience, BIM skills are something you can begin learning now whilst still in your studies. You can also practice and showcase your knowledge by using some of the tools available to you in Tekla Campus.

By joining Tekla Campus you can 

      • Download and install a free learning edition of Tekla Structures on your computer 
      • Learn BIM tools at your own pace with the help of our learning material
      • Work on your model where ever you want, whenever you want
      • Develop your practical skills in design and detailing
      • Join a community of future BIM experts
      • Update your Profile to include examples of your work, broadcast your profile to prospective employers. View our sample profile here.

      ​We are working on ways to improve Tekla Campus and provide you opportunities to enrich your future further. Next month’s poll raises the question, what would you like to see more of Tekla Campus. Some of these items are already in the works but we loved to hear from you. Share your thoughts.