Did you know that 75% of the people registered on Tekla Campus are either studying or graduates of the Faculty of Civil Engineering?  As paradigms are shifting so are the tools and workflows civil engineers are using.  Everyone involved in building construction is being affected by increased demands like time, delivery, cost and sustainability.  New workflows and ideas like BIM, IPD and constructability have turned up from these demands.  The idea of having one model move downstream from planning, to design, engineering, construction and operation is inevitable.  

Luckily as these shifts are beginning in the industry, they are also beginning in schools around the world.  More than ever members from the faculty of civil engineering are attending BIM forums and workshops, as well as working with local industry leaders.  Along with their students, they are immersing themselves into tools and discovering more efficient ways of finishing projects on time, with less waste, and lower costs.

For students, now is the time to practice and prepare for the high demands of the future.  We realize that projects are not going to get easier - in fact, studies show they are only going to increase in size and complexity.  There are also a number of government mandates that already require

 building construction projects include BIM.  It is imperative that we prepare ourselves for these demands and challenges.  The good news is that there are many tools available to you.

At Tekla, we support this next wave of BIM with improving our offering both to students, but also educational facilities.  Students from all over the globe are being introduced to Tekla Structures in their 

Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, BIM and Construction Management courses.  They are learning the value of working with a truly open BIM platform to communicate and collaborate with all parties involved in the building project.  You can see some of the success of these students in the Annual Tekla BIM Competition.  Where students from all over compete to have their Tekla Structures BIM model showcased amongst the most iconic projects around the world.

If you want to gain a competitive edge and build your future, join Tekla Campus.  Tekla's online academic community for students.  Create your free account, download your personal learning edition of Tekla Structures and begin learning with the help of the learning paths.