Trimble Connect Visualizer, released in March 2019, helps Tekla users to build compelling project presentations. It is a Tekla Structures Extension that provides a basic rendering of your Tekla Structures 3D model using a Unity 3D game engine.

Visualizer is designed to be very simple to use as a separate application in Tekla Structures. It is launched from its icons showing in the Application and Components side pane within Tekla Structures. There are three commands provided for the Visualizer.

  • Visualize All: Clicking this will send the entire model to be visualized. 
  • Visualize selected: Clicking this will visualize only selected 3D model parts. This functionality will not work on models running old Static ID's. On new models, only the Selected items will be rendered. If you wish to always render the same selected parts, you can create a Category in Organizer.
  • Visualizer Material type mapping: Clicking this will run the material mapping dialogue so you can make the materials in visualizer look as you envision. Note that during startup, the visualizer will attempt to create the mapping between Tekla Structures’ native parts and Unity material maps. This may not always meet your expectations, in which case you may wish to manually decide what materials in Tekla Structures are mapped to which materials in the Unity render engine.


Are you interested in trying it out yourself now? Tekla Visualizer is yours for free from Tekla Warehouse. Just be sure that you also have the latest Tekla Structures 2019 version or later to run the Visualizer.

To learn more about how to use the Visualizer for your project, check out the instructions in the video here.