Tekla Webinar:  Tekla Structures for Tilt-Up Projects.

Students here is another free Tekla webinar!  You can watch the recorder version of this webinar here:  https://www.tekla.com/us/about/webinars/video/tekla-structures-tilt.  This webinar introduces tools and techniques to use Tekla Structures for efficient and profitable Tilt-Wall projects. Use Tekla's constructible concrete models to avoid incomplete and uncoordinated drawings, find and fix potential clashes, automate material quantification and information management tasks, visualize information in 3D and enjoy consistent, reliable, construction- quality building information in real-time in order to manage and coordinate your projects better.

Within this webinar you will learn:

  • Model faster and more accurately from 2d information.
  • Automate your drawing production
  • Learn about new tools for sequencing and planning pours.
  • Learn about Tekla Structures intuitive addition of cast in items.
  • Learn how to create one-click dynamic quantities.

Watch the recorded version of this webinar here.

Note:  Some of the features shown within this webinar are only available to maintenance customers. (ie:  Tekla Warehouse extensions presented within this webinar.)