Tekla Webinar:  Taking advantage of BIM models from sales to site - Unger Steel Group, Austria

Students here is another opportunity to dive into an industry case study and learn from the best.  Unger Steel Group is an Austrian based company engaged in structural and architectural steel construction, including acting as a general contractor.  They have adopted BIM and use BIM not only for design but throughout the entire project workflow, from planning to erection, sales to fabrication.  All the information within the model is used to streamline the Unger workflow, saving time and money. Doing so lets them take the BIM workflow beyond the ordinary, achieving a great level of optimization.

“3D modelling is very important for us, because the basis of every project is a 3D model. Once we have the model, we can start the output and do everything in our processes.”
- Erich Fladerer, Quality Manager & Welding Coordinator

Unger also links the Tekla model with their ERP system, using the data to manage bills of materials, shipping information, schedules and more, greatly benefiting the down-the-line processes. For them, incorporating Tekla Structures into every phase and process is the foundation for building a unified workflow that boosts productivity throughout the entire project.

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This webinar tool place live online on Wednesday, October 4th. You can watch the recorded version here:  

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