Tekla Global BIM Awards is a biennial event which celebrates the achievements of our customers in the Building & Construction Industry. The student category highlights the talents of budding civil, structural engineering and construction management students worldwide. The competition offers a venue for students to showcase their skills amongst the most iconic projects in the industry.


Tekla Student BIM Awards: How to enter and win?

During the spring, there are regional Tekla Student BIM Awards competitions in several countries or areas:

The above list will be updated as more countries open their local competitions in February and March. If your country or area is not listed above, you can also enter here through Tekla Campus. The schedule and deadline for each competition is mentioned in respective local website, and the entry deadline for Tekla Campus entries is 15th June, 2018.

NOTE: Winners from the Regional Competitions will automatically be entered into the 2018 Tekla Global BIM Award Student CompetitionThe Global Competition will occur in autumn 2018.

Prize Pack

The winners of the 2018 Tekla Global BIM Award Student Competition will receive:

  • DJI Mavic Pro drone.  Note:  If entering as a team, one drone will be given per team.
  • A framed award certificate for the project/model
  • Award certificate for individual participants
  • Publicity: winner announcement in international press release, global online publicity, an interview helping you get noticed and to use as reference
  • Global BIM Award Badge to display in your Tekla Campus Profile

Students entering on behalf of school course will also benefit the school with the acceptance of the following school awards:

  •  A mention of School/University Program in the Tekla BIM Awards Booklet
  •  A mention in the press release announcing the winners and global online publicity

Who can participate

The competition is open to students worldwide. There is no age limit. The projects may be carried out individually or in groups of 5 members or less.
Note: If you are entering via a school course and would like to help your professor receive a grant of Tekla Structures for the School’s lab computers please include School Name, Course & Professor name on the entry form.

How to participate

You can submit any project just as long as Tekla Structures education or learning license has been used to realize one or more phases of the project.

Examples of appropriate usage of Tekla Software include:

  1. The foundation was modeled/detailed using Tekla Structures
  2. The Frame was modeled/detailed using Tekla Structures
  3. The façade was modeled/detailed using Tekla Structures
  4. The drawings were created using Tekla Structures
  5. Bills of material were created using Tekla Structures
  6. Import/Export functionalities were used in Tekla Structures

Instructions and process for entering your project:

  1. Collect the project material. The most important part in your project entry is the material package including the Tekla Structures project/model folder. High quality model images, photos and drawings are essential too.
  2. Fill in the form (link to the form below). You need to provide information about the project team, your educational institution and description about the project. 
  3. The form contains a field where you need to provide a link from where we can collect your project entry data. Use any cloud or file sharing service you feel comfortable with (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive). 
    Note: You can save the form and continue filling it later if you wish.
  4. Submit the form - last day for entries is May 31st 2018

If you encounter any problems with the submit process, contact your professor or other relevant person.


Tekla Student BIM Awards project entry form 


Judging Criteria

You don’t have to be a BIM wizard quite yet. Models are judged based on the versatility of the model: How impressive the model is, how well it is modeled, what different tools have been used to create the model.

The jury will use the following breakdown to judge your entry.

  • Project Design 
  • Complexity of the Model 
  • Level of Detail 
  •  Use of the Model 
    • Examples displayed in drawings
    • Examples displayed in Bill of Materials
    • How was BIM used in the Model? 
      • Workflow on project demonstrated
  • Submission (choice of images, project description) 
  • Included during submission and must include 
    • Project Brief & link to student studies
    • Challenges faced and what was overcome
    • Drawings
    • Images


Need some inspiration?  Check out our submittals from previous years.


Submissions will be evaluated and ranked by a global judging committee, comprised of Industry leaders and the Tekla for Education Student Program’s Committee.

Have a question or need help? Check in with our Campus Team or ask a question in the Lounge.



Terms and conditions of Tekla BIM Awards