TAFE Queensland is the largest and most experienced provider of further education and training in Queensland offering practical, industry-related training to over 180,000 students annually, across more than 500 program areas.

TAFE Queensland, BIM, Structural Engineering

A good example of the industry related training is the Associate Degree in Civil Engineering, where students are exposed to tools and processes used in the real world.

“We include Tekla Structures in our curriculum at TAFE Queensland to emulate a real working environment,” explains Peter De Wet, a senior lecturer at the Southbank Campus. “Using Tekla Structures we can expose our students to structural software and introduce 3D modelling. We can then integrate the Tekla model into an interdisciplinary model, introducing the BIM philosophy to the students.”

Tekla Structures is used across many courses to educate the students on structural steel and concrete industry workflows and Building Information Modelling (BIM) - which is a key driver in the industry today. More than 70 students a year see these workflows using Tekla Structures firsthand. “The students enjoy using Tekla Structures and find that it’s easy to become experts with practice. They are provided instructions during class and are also encouraged to utilise the free Tekla Campus product, and its instructional content, at home” Peter says.

“We use a range of programs in our courses, including Revit, AutoCAD and 12D, as they all have unique applications. However we find the constructible models in Tekla ideal for teaching students how a building goes together. It highlights that they can see problems with their design in virtual reality before the designs are passed on” concludes Peter.