Tekla Structures 21 Learning Edition has been published! Check what is new and download now.

In a nutshell: Tekla Structures 21 brings you better possibilities to collaborate and makes your days nicer and more productive thanks to user-friendly and efficient functionalities.


Want to learn more about Tekla Structures 21.  Watch these industry specific webinars for EngineeringSteel, Precast, and Cast in Place Concrete.

Top Benefits:

Reference Model Handling

Collaboration with other trades is easier with the improved reference model handling, be the reference model's file type IFC, DGN, DWG or SKP.  The new reference model list provides easy and efficient management, including grouping the models according to your own preferences.

Join the industrial project workflow

Those who work on plant or offshore construction projects benefit from the enhancements on interoperability.  The improved link with Intergraph Smart 3D means better model information transfer.  The new bi-directional link with AVEVA PDMS introduces higher level of detail and better management of information transfer and changes.

 Smoother integration and export

Also residential and commercial project workflows have become smoother with automated export of models and drawing downstream.  Do not forget that you can integrate Tekla Structures 21 with Revit Architecture,  Revit MEP and SketchUp Pro for better collaboration.

Enhanced IFC change management and control

In construction projects changes are inevitable.  So, IFC change management and control have been enhanced so you can detect, manage and accommodate changes.  And when you export IFC files, they keep their colors.  When the engineer changes the model, the detailer sees what to accommodate.

Simpler, efficient modeling

Drawing construction lines, circles and points and placing custom parts is now simple and intuitive.  With Direct modification, what you see is what you get.  Also editing the positions is easy and immediate.  Organizer is an effective, visual and easy tool that allows you to use detailed, object-based material data in the model for quantity take-off.  Also, automation removes the tedious manual counting or post processing.  The improved precast concrete floor layout offers a more user friendly and efficient way to create and detail precast slabs.  And with mesh bars, reinforcement modeling is easier, more efficient and reliable.

Drawings:  Control and automation

The new Printing dialog makes setting up printing drawings easier, faster and simpler as, again, what you see is what you get.  With Tekla Structures 21, you can automate customized, company-specific dimensions to match your standard parts such as bolts and embeds.  View level control of dimensioning automates working with items like handrails and cast units.  Now welds and weld marks in drawings support customization in order to suit your requirements.  Also weld marks and paths can be shown in single-part drawings.

Better concrete pours

Modeling cast in place concrete is now easier and modifying pour breaks more intuitive that before.  It is reliable, too, as concrete pour information is inherited automatically after a pour break - no vital information will be lost.

Note:  Some features commented above are not available in Tekla Structures learning licence.