Techno India University, Kolkata and Tekla India have signed a Memorandum of Agreement to collaborate in research and development with the goal of increasing the number of local graduates with Building Information Modelling (BIM) skills, and boost the adoption of BIM in construction industry in eastern India. Tekla & Techno India will jointly conduct certification course, which will be available for any engineering students or professionals in the area.

Techno India University is a full-fledged university whose programs includes Engineering & Technology. It has decided to include Tekla’ s BIM technology in their curriculum of Structural & Civil engineering Course. Tekla will provide Techno India University, Kolkata with Tekla Structures. The software offers an accurate and information-rich 3D modeling environment that contractors, structural engineers, and Steel and concrete detailers and fabricators can share.

In addition to providing the BIM software, Tekla will support the training of the Techno India faculty who then will teach their students and industry professionals. The agreement will also provide a platform for mutual sharing of best practices in the use of BIM solutions on buildable design and constructability and ultimately proliferate the adoption of BIM.

“By working with Tekla we can provide our students industry-relevant skills and experience in Building Information Modeling, which is a crucial skill set,” said Sujoy Biswas, COO, Techno India University Kolkata. “As the industry increasingly aims for higher productivity and minimizing errors, more Organizations are adopting BIM for the design and construction process, thus creating a large demand for BIM professionals. Further, looking towards the future, the adoption of new technologies such as BIM is expected to contribute towards Techno India University’s goal of raising productivity in
construction,” added Mr. Sujoy Biswas, COO, Techno India University

Nirmalya Chatterjee, COO & Director, Tekla India said: “At Tekla, we want to educate the next generation of our workforce. As these students from the eastern part of India graduate, they have BIM skills when they enter the workforce,” Mr Nirmalya also added. “With this growing talent pool from Techno
University, Kolkata infrastructure industry will develop over the next few years. We see this as an investment that will bring bigger advantage for the industry.”

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About Techno India: - The Kolkata based educational institution’s mission is to create a flow of quality human resource that is capable of meeting and successfully overcoming the global challenges of tomorrow and contribute effectively to global developments, with knowledge at the forefront and in the background as the most potent tool.

Besides being amongst the five best Universities in India by 2018 and amongst the fifty best global Universities by 2025, its vision is to be the most sought-after hub for intellectual development, research proliferation and skills enhancement, to impart knowledge driven education of the highest quality, create the best infrastructure and allied facilities to foster research, product development and industrial consultancy and to build one of the best Industry-Academia interfaces to leverage the best collaborative output in terms of recruitment, industrial training, research and consultancy.

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