Tekla Global BIM Awards is an annual global Building Information Modeling competition to celebrate the achievements of our customers in the Building & Construction Industry. The student category has been added to the competition to highlight the talents of budding civil, structural engineering and construction management students worldwide. The competition offers a venue for students to showcase their skills amongst the most iconic projects in the industry.


To participate in the Tekla Global BIM Award Competition visit the local area links below.  The winners from the local competition will automatically be submitted into the Global Competition. 

Local Competitions will take part during the months of February, March, April, & May.  Global Competition review will occur June - August.  Global Winners are announced September 2016.

Current Local Competitions:

United Kingdom


Southeast Asia, (Note: Participating countries include Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam only.)



North America


Check back soon.  More local competitions will be added.

Tekla Global BIM Awards Student Competition details.

This year we have a notable mixture of prizes. The winners of the competition will receive:

  • A framed award certificate for the project/model
  • Award certificate for individual participants
  • Publicity: winner announcement in international press release, global online publicity, an interview helping you get noticed and to use as reference
  • A feature in Tekla Global BIM Awards booklet
  • Global BIM Award Badge to display in your Tekla Campus Profile

Judging Criteria

You don’t have to be a BIM wizard quite yet. Models are judged based on the versatility of the model: How impressive the model is, how well it is modeled, what different tools have been used to create the model.

The jury will use the following breakdown to judge your entry.

  • Project Design
  • Complexity of the Model
  • Level of Detail
  • Use of the Model
    • Examples displayed in drawings
    • Examples displayed in Bill of Materials
    • How was BIM used in the Model?
      • Workflow on project demonstrated
  • Submission (choice of images, project description)
    • Included during submission and must include
      • Project Brief & link to student studies
      • Challenges faced and what was overcome
      • Drawings
      • Images


Submissions will be evaluated and ranked by a global judging committee, comprised of Industry leaders and the Tekla for Education Student Program’s Committee.


Have a question or need help? Check in with our Campus Team or ask a question in our Discussion forum

Disclaimer: By entering a model to the competition, the participant gives permission to Tekla to use the model and images of the model for marketing and sales demonstration purposes (including publishing the model using or Tekla BIMsight application and using project information and images of it in Tekla marketing material). Tekla has the right to reject a model from the competition if any of the required material is missing or if it is submitted after the deadline.