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Bruno Ribeiro is a shining example of a student with a passion to make things better.  As a child he was fascinated with civil engineering, enjoying TV documentaries vs cartoons.  He knew that once he graduated from high school, he would pursue a degree in civil engineering.  

During his initial year as a budding college student at the University of Minho, he began to realize the struggles facing the building and construction industry.  “I felt the construction industry was just not evolving as quickly as consumer electronics, and I saw BIM as a possibility to connect technology to construction,” says Bruno.    “I felt that if I took the time to learn and develop my BIM skills it would improve my career opportunities and it has paid off.  I graduated in May 2015 and have already had 3 job offers.”  He is now working as a BIM Consultant with BIMMS (Building Information Modeling & Management Solutions).  He chose this opportunity because it allows him to apply much of his thesis work to helping other companies implement BIM. 

 “We are grateful to have Bruno, he came to us with much Tekla knowledge, thanks to Tekla Campus, and we see this as an advantage for companies who are wanting to use BIM to automate more of their workflows.  With the skills shortage that the industry faces it’s great that Tekla has the foresight to support students who are the future software users,” said Jose Carlos Lino, BIMMS’ General Manager.  

Bruno has made learning BIM and the technologies available to him his top priority.  He was introduced to Tekla Structures during a course Building Information Modeling: Conception, Design & Construction.  It was during this course that he saw the potential BIM truly offered the industry. 

 “I was introduced to many different BIM platforms but realized the benefits Tekla Structures offered and used it for many different functions within project development like modeling, detailing, reporting, documentation and task management.” Bruno mentions.   Realizing that there was much to learn, he took time to improve his skills by downloading his personal copy of Tekla Structures via Tekla Campus and beginning self-study using the online tutorials.  

Bruno completed his Master’s Thesis and graduated with a MS in Civil Engineering in May of 2015.  His thesis titled Application of BIM Methodologies to bridges was combination of research, as well, as applying his understanding to a live project.  Bruno worked closely with CASAIS Construction Company to model the Bridge over the River Dao. 

His final model included all concrete elements and most of the reinforcements.  He also included the construction scheduling using the Tekla Structures Task Manager.  Bruno placed 1st in the Tekla Portugal Student BIM Award 2014 Competition and was a runner up in the Tekla Global BIM Awards – 2014 Student competition.  

Learn more about this talented student by visiting his Tekla Campus profile.  Watch a video of his model, the Bridge over the River Dao below. 

The Bridge over the River Dao