Recently we interviewed Matti, an educator from Karelia University of Applied Sciences (Karelia UAS) in Finland, who is teaching a course on Tekla Structures and Building Information Model (BIM). The course is arranged three times every academic year and around 200 students participated either in the classroom teaching or online. In his teaching, Tekla Campus is introduced to students as a resource to assist students in learning the basics of Tekla Structures.

How did the idea of taking Tekla Campus into his teaching come about? Matti participated in a Tekla Structures professional training organized by a local Trimble office some years ago. During the training, he learned of Tekla Campus for the first time. With the idea of taking advantage of Tekla Campus to assist in his teaching on BIM related subjects he later implemented it in his university.

The courses of Tekla Structures in Karelia are not only open to its admitted students, but also to those enrolled in its online open university. Both groups are guided to follow the lessons provided on Tekla Campus and get hands-on time modeling in  Tekla Structures. Students thus have the flexibility to take the lessons whenever it suits them. A positive surprise was not needing to push the students to proceed with the lessons on Tekla Campus since they are so engaging.


Tekla modeling work by students in Karelia UAS, Finland

Students also learn how to take Tekla models to work with other integrated software, such as Autodesk Robot and Trimble Connect. This reflects the comprehensive nature of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and shows how easily Tekla Structures can be integrated into all phases of the design process. At the end of the course, students need to demonstrate their skills of modeling based on the instructions provided and 2D drawings.

Karelia UAS is a multidisciplinary, widely connected, international and innovative organization offering education leading to bachelor and master degrees. Karelia UAS operates in seven fields of study, offering 21 programmes out of which five are master-level studies. The study areas include health care and social studies, business, engineering, forestry, media, and hospitality management.


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