Graffiti is typically writing or images scribbled or sprayed on a wall for public display. Regarded as either vandalism or increasingly as art, graffiti displays someone's ideology, thoughts and street style. Daku, a street artist from India, took graffiti to the next level using steel, the sun, and a wall as his canvas. 

Imagine a building with a mural of words on the wall. Now imagine the words drifting out of the shadows, leaping out one minute, and pulling away from the wall the next.

This light-sensitive mural of steel letters throws a shadow on a wall in New Delhi, India. This modern spin on graffiti changes hourly by the positioning of the sun. Daku's beautiful work of art and street style is definitely something to notice and one that ensures he is leaving his mark on art culture.

A lot of planning

Although the mural looks simple, it took a lot of technical planning to ensure the words captured the shadows as the sun moves. With the help of online tools like Google Maps and Trimble SketchUp, Daku studied the movement of the sun on his phone to calculate how the shadows would move over the letters. When the sun shines overhead, the metal pieces cast shadows that reveal words. When the sun fades, so does the art. See more pictures and read more on CNN.