As students what inspires you to study structural engineering.  "Structures have always fascinated me."  Avishek Dutta is a budding civil engineering student from Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology in India. His passion for structures began as a child.  Avishek would follow his father, a mechanical engineer, around with admiration.  He began to realize early on that the mechanical equipment his dad introduced him to was not exactly what excited him but the steel structures that supported the equipment. Seeing this, his father began to feed him more and more material.  He share photos and videos of different types of industrial facilities, which ultimately began Avishek’s journey into structures. One of his earliest memories was when his father introduced him to a conveyor system. Avishek used this memory for inspiration in one of his initial models.

His father also introduced him to BIM and Tekla Structures.  His father learned of Tekla Structures through work and share this with Avishek.

Avishek downloaded Tekla Structures via Tekla Campus.  He began learning how to use it in his personal time.  "I used the tutorials on Tekla Campus, then discovered other materials online."   He also researched BIM and became fascinated with the subject matter.  Avishek immediately realized how this workflow can benefit industry close to his home.

“BIM should be mandatory for any medium to large infrastructure project.  In a country like India, with so much population, it is important to minimize material waste and project time.  This will ensure that we can provide a cost effective solution for everyone. I know there is a lot I still need to learn.  I have seen the benefits of Tekla Structures and how industry is currently using this tool to visualize projects, reduce material and save money," he says.    

While completing his undergraduate degree, he was able to use the knowledge he had gained through learning Tekla Structures to understanding his coursework.  “I was able to visualize the entire system as a whole.  As a student in India, there is no such opportunity to work on live projects.  Using Tekla Structures I was able to understand the practical aspect of the utilities being designed.  It also helped me to understand how steel connections and restrain connections work,” he recommends.

Avishek is busy with his school work and student organization.  He takes the time to share his knowledge with his classmates and has inspired other students to learn Tekla Structures and BIM.  "Whatever we see in nature is perfectly structurally balanced and it should be our inspiration for design, especially anyone who wants to study structural engineering.  We should work towards a more sustainable, cost-effective design that benefits our whole society, as well as, future generations.”

Avishek recently participated in the 2015 Tekla Global BIM Awards Student Competition.  His entry of an Industrial Building was modeled as a result of a winter internship where he visited a thermal power plant.  

Above you can see the model Avishek presented during the Student BIM Competition.  He is still finishing his coursework and contemplating his entry into graduate school.  He is also currently interviewing.  To learn more about this aspiring student visit his personal Tekla Campus Profile page