Students immersed in technology and building their future.  The students from Institute of Technology Education (ITE) in Singapore took a break from their standard class routine and participated in the Annual Tekla Study Award Ceremony and the 2nd Tekla Student Design Challenge. These two events took place over two days and the participants were immersed in multiple subject matters from Mixed Reality with HoloLens demonstrations to modeling with Tekla Structures. In the events, students even dove into presentations to learn more about how their peers around the globe are using Trimble's product portfolio.

In October, three students from ITE were awarded the Tekla Study Award. This award is given to students who excel in using Tekla software. Winners of this award received a monetary scholarship, certificate and internships opportunities. This year's winners were Mabel Ong Ti Ying, Steven Sebastian Hu and Sotiangco Aaron Owen Cuares.
Winners of Tekla Scholarship

After the Tekla Study Award Ceremony, students had the chance to try out the Microsoft HoloLens and walk through a virtual model using the SketchUp viewer. They are amazed by the latest technology. Hololens

On day two, the students competed in the 2nd Tekla Student Design Challenge. The Tekla Student Design Challenge is a fun interactive competition where teams of students compete to secure a bid for a construction project. For the challenge, the teams need to calculate the cost of the project, model and detail the structural frame based off the architectural model, provide a schedule for the project, prepare construction drawings, and present their final bid results to a panel of judges. Throughout the day, the students tackled challenges that face the building and construction industry, like communication, collaboration & information management. The students were also tasked with finding potential design problems, clashes, and constructability issues. This years contest consisted 25 first-year students from School of Engineering.  The School of Engineering encompasses various faculties like Process Plant Design, Offshore Marine Design, Facility System Design and Civil & Structural Engg Design. The first year students were broken up into teams of five and had two senior-level student mentors assisting them throughout the competition day. The event was full but included some team building fun as well. At the end of the day, the winning team walked away with a trophy, monetary prize, and excitement for their degree choice.

Here are some highlights from the event.

Students immersed in technology and building their future  Students immersed in technology and building their future  Students immersed in technology and building their future  Students immersed in technology and building their future