Introducing Simeon Doychinov, a student from Häme University of Applied Sciences in Hämeenlinna, Finland.  Simeon discovered his passion for the building and construction industry early in life.  At 15 he focused on Architecture because he liked painting and was good with math and felt architecture offered him the opportunity to apply both of these skills.  Upon finishing his early school years he entered a vocational school and was introduced to construction and engineering.  

Engineering, then took center stage and Simeon has been focused on this career path ever since.  

He is not limiting himself to one area, as he has enjoyed every aspect of Engineering from Construction Management to Civil Engineering, to Structural Engineering.  He also is not constricted to a project type.  He can see himself working on all project types from infrastructure, to commercial buildings, to factories and process plants, however, he has come to realize his material of choice is Steel. 

While finishing his final year at Häme University, Simeon, decided to take BIM to the next level and focus on renovation.  There a many restoration projects happening in his home town and he wanted to see how using workflow processes he has learned about like BIM could be used to facilitate these types of projects.  His final thesis entitle “Construction design for a renovation project with the use of Tekla Structures” focused on the Peltossari Residential project.   


The thesis consisted of making a virtual model of the commercial buildings frame and parts of it façade and then using the model to generate more modern alternatives to the 30-year old construction.  

Additionally the model was used to make suggestions for the addition of a second floor on top of the old frame. 

These subsequent models were then used to generate demolition and construction schedules, as well as, full material take-off’s.   The construction of this project has not yet started but Simeon’s models will be used for the feasibility plans of the project and as a basis for further modeling, which will reduce the workload and time and consequently some of the costs.


What is so great about this student, is that Simeon discovered BIM isn’t just about new builds but can be applied to many different construction projects as demonstrated here. 

 In the future as more BIM models will be available, restoration projects of buildings should also become easier especially when those models contain such a high level of development.   More details means better informed decisions!  

Simeon started his journey on Tekla Campus, March of 2014, and used the free software and learning resources the Tekla Campus offered in order to improve his BIM and modeling skills. Simeon has recently started his master's degree in Denmark at the Danish Technical University in Lyngby.  Learn more about this inspired student by visiting his Tekla Campus Profile.  


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