Dang Gia Thuan is a talented and budding structural engineering student from the University of Transport & Communications in Hanoi Vietnam. Currently in his fourth year, he will soon graduate. 

Thuan choose his degree because he loves structures, most importantly bridges, and wants to discover better ways of designing and building them. His passion for this industry speaks through his vibrant imagination and diligent work ethic. Last year, he took on a self-study project after being introduced to Tekla Structures by his professor. 

“I wanted to learn about BIM to improve my career opportunities,” said Thuan. “I was taking the course Designing Concrete Bridges and Buildings and downloaded Tekla Structures from Tekla Campus. I learned how to use Tekla with the online study material at Tekla Campus and finished one of my initial designs, The Dragon Bridge, in January.”

Thuan continues to submerse himself in his studies and building a portfolio to show his experience and talent. His goal is to work for an international engineering and construction company where he will work on projects ranging from infrastructure to factories and process plants. 

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Gia Thuan's Dragon Bridge