Our December Poll Results.  We asked our students what they worried about most and the results are in.

Stress within college students in on the rise.  What are you most worried about?

  • Grades – 18%
  • School Work – 15%
  • Money – 20%
  • Find a job upon graduation – 43%
  • Relationships – 5%

43% of our respondents mentioned "Finding a Job upon graduation" was what they worried about most.  Clearly that is wearisome thought but what are you doing to prepare for the demand of the competitive job market.  Have you ever asked the question "How marketable are you"?  Are you using Tekla Campus to gain a competitive edge?  Whether you’re looking for a new job or brushing up on your skills, maintaining your marketability for the long term requires you to continually invest in yourself.  At Tekla, we understand the growing fear amongst our students and we are working on ways to help bridge the gap between graduation and finding a job.  Log into your account and update your profile.  Walk through the learning paths, answer test questions and gain potential. Upload images of your model’s to your profile to show off your skills.  Link your Tekla Campus profile to your CV.  Take some time to Build your Future.  

Another way you can prepare for your future is by taking advise and learning from those students before you.  Read about our spotlight students in Opportunities on Tekla Campus.  Also, take part in the Tekla BIM Award Student Competition.  All of thess are great ways to gain a competitve advantage in building your future. 

Our newest poll is now active. Log in to your Tekla Campus account and let us know your thoughts. Tekla Structures started out as a Steel modeling & fabrication tool, but has grown into a complete structural BIM application and allows you to work with multiple materials within a model. What materials do you predominantly model. Log in to let us know.