In early January, teachers came together to take part in a Tekla Structures Winter Camp at Seoul Urban Science Technical High School in Seoul, South Korea.  The Camp hosted 25 teachers from 9 different technical high schools across the region who are working to engage with industry to learn BIM and how to facilitate adding Tekla Structures BIM software as part of their curriculum offering.  Teachers took part in a hands-on training course and learned how industry is utilizing Tekla Structures to model, detail, coordinate and collaborate on projects.


Later in the month, students from Chosun University had the opportunity to improve their CV by taking part in a hands-on Tekla Structures BIM Workshop.  The workshop hosted 14 students, all part of the Architectural Study group.  The students listened to live industry case studies and then dove into a live product training.  Students from Chosun University are already immersing themselves into BIM.  A team of students from Chosun University were our 2014 Tekla Global BIM Award Student winners, as their entry delivered a BIM & IPD project of an 85 story building, which stands an impressive 340 meters in height and consisted of both steel & concrete.


The road show also shared Tekla Campus, an online academy where students and teachers all have access to Tekla Structures for free.