You know what can change lives? Studying. That’s where you start to define your career by learning the skills you need on your chosen path, and it does have an effect on the way you see the world, too.

But what is enough of studying? If you plan a future as a drafter or a CAD technician, the answer is different from what it would be for an aspiring construction project manager or senior structural engineer. Would it be a time to move into working life or would it be more advantageous to study more - say, go to a grad school. Here are some points for facilitating the decision. 

1. Will continuing studies boost your career?

If you have trouble getting that kind of a job you would prefer, you need to consider what’s causing this. It might be that a more advanced degree, for example Masters’, could help you land into those positions. What’s more, in future a higher degree might offer better opportunities for promotion and pay rise.

Do your research on the requirements of the positions you prefer. There may be other ways to move on towards the dream job, such as trainee programs in appealing companies.

2. Are you ready for the academic challenge?

Pursuing higher-level degrees tends to require more than that lower-level degree you already got.   Especially in case you have already been working out of school for some time, you may need to get adapted to studying again. Requirements set on students grow when the level of degree gets more advanced. If you choose to take your studies to a new, higher level, you probably need to prepare for stretching your mind further than you are doing now or did when working on your previous degree.

3. Do you enjoy studying?

This is a very important point to consider: Do you love your field of study? Studying takes time, requires a lot of effort, and you may need to consider the cost and making a living, too.  If you don’t enjoy studying, getting a higher degree may not be much fun, which obviously makes anybody more prone to losing interest.  Enjoy the journey, not only the destination! 

All in all, big decisions are never easy. For more in-depth reflection, check this article at (which we adapted for those who plan a career in structures and engineering).