If you’ve visited Tekla Campus recently, you might have noticed the fresh new look! In addition to the redesign, the entire user journey has been streamlined to allow better navigation of the site. We also have completely new lessons for use with the latest Tekla Structures 2018i version to enhance active learning.

Redesigned with a streamlined user journey in mind

All the beautiful banner images on the new Tekla Campus website are construction models that were created with Tekla Structures. The simple 4-step process enables a new user to get started right away. Register - Activate - Download - Learn, just follow the steps!

Fresh look of the new Tekla Campus homepage

New fundamental lessons for Tekla Structures 2018

If you are new to Tekla Structures, this is a good way to start learning the software by viewing the fundamental lessons provided in Tekla Campus. There are 10 lessons now available to guide you through the user interface of Tekla Structures, show you how to build your first steel and concrete 3D model, and finally, create drawings.

The new lessons are now interactive so that it is much easier to follow the lesson while practising at the same time. You can also jump into a specific topic at any time from the content menu by clicking the little arrow button at the top left corner on the lesson interface.

The best way of learning is active learning! Check out the lessons here and get hands-on experience!

Latest Tekla Structures Learning 2018i version is available

The second main version of the year for Tekla Structures Learning edition is now available for download on Tekla Campus. Read more about it!