The second main version of Tekla Structures Learning edition in 2018 is now available on Tekla Campus. Here are some of the highlights.

A more productive modeling experience

In Tekla Structures 2018i, customization tools for ribbon, property pane, and user-defined commands have been completely redesigned so that you can choose the working methods that best suit you while having more working screen space. The clean, simple design of the new property pane and ribbon can be customized to reduce modeling and checking time. Customizable toolbars reduce clutter, making it easier to find frequently used tools and increase on-screen workspace. In short, everything you need to work more efficiently is right at hand.




Copying and moving with confidence

Tekla Structures now automatically checks, during moving and copying operations, for similar or identical cuts, bolts and welds, and rebar and pour breaks. If duplicates are identified in the target location, you’ll get a warning. This not only ensures model accuracy, but eases the risk of model irregularities that cause confusion and slow down drawing creation, too.

Improved productivity with complex platework

Continued improvements in both modeling and drawings representation of bent plates help you take on more potential project types and deliver better information to production and fabrication, expanding your capabilities and letting you compete on more complex projects.

The latest enhancements make creation and editing of platework easier than ever, and a new conical bend allows you to create a wider variety of shapes, such as cones and transitional sections.

Bigger benefits through accurate weld modeling

welding functionality enhanced in Tekla Structures 2018iIn Tekla Structures 2018i the enhanced welding functionality allows you to improve production planning and leverage automation - management of welds within the model enables accurate take-offs for fabrication times and quantities. Our continuous development of welding functionality has driven leading-edge robotic welding and assembly solutions for significant improvements in quality and a quantum leap in productivity.


Push the boundaries of Tekla Structures and challenge yourself!

Have you ever imagined that a 3D model of a locomotive could be built using Tekla Structures? The answer is a sound Yes by Jason Flannery of Structural Detailing Solutions, in New Zealand.

3D model of a locomotive built using Tekla Structures

Download the latest Tekla Structures Learning 2018i  and play with Tekla Structures to challenge yourself in the digital world. Starting from the basics of Tekla Structures and then progress from there.