Great news for our students and educators! The new 2018 version of Tekla Structures Learning is available for download now! The latest version offers faster 3D modeling process, better drawing production and control over changes. The workflow from design and analysis to detailing and fabrication is smoother.


Tekla Structures 2018 offers new features e. g. For Steel, Precast Concrete, Cast in Place Concrete and Point Clouds.  Here is a sample of the new features:

Property Pane: easy, intuitive, informative, productive.

It has several benefits compared to the previously used property dialog boxes.

  • The property pane is always up-to-date. When you select an object in the model, the current properties  are instantly shown in the property pane.
  • There is less clutter on the screen because there is no need to have separate dialog boxes open as previously.
  • You only need to click Modify to change the selected properties, there is no need to click Apply or OK as previously.
  • You can easily create objects that are similar to those objects that you already have in the model: when you select an object in the model, Tekla Structures creates the next similar object using the same properties.
  • When you select several objects in the model, you can check if the objects have common properties, what the values of the common properties are, and modify the properties, if needed.
  • It is easy to copy properties from one object to another. You can copy properties between any objects as long as both objects have the same property available. For example, you can copy the material from a steel beam to a plate.
  • You can easily check which properties you are about to modify in the property pane. Tekla Structures highlights the changed properties in yellow in the property pane and a checkbox appears next to the modified property.
  • You can customize the property pane: for example, you can organize the settings as you wish and remove the settings you do not need. You can also add your most needed user-defined attributes (UDAs) directly to the property pane so that you do not need to open a separate UDA dialog box.

Improved workflow with analysis and design software

Design, analysis and BIM becomes an improved, integrated, open process. An integrated multi-material physical and analytical model can result in more efficient structural design, documentation and detailing.


Analytical frame in Tekla Structures now requires less manual editing time - your work can progress faster. If you are switching from duplicate modeling for analysis and design, prepare to welcome dramatic efficiency increase.

There are many goodies in the 2018 version, watch and discover even more about  new features of TS 2018 on Youtube!


New online lessons for TS 2018 coming soon!

Our online lessons will also be updated for the TS 2018 new version! The 2018 version has major UI improvements. For example, Properties dialogs are replaced with Properties Pane. We are going to update our online lessons for TS 2018 in the near future. Stay tuned!