Trimble Introduces Tekla 2020 BIM Software

Like music, construction requires collaboration. With many new collaboration-boosting updates and features, Tekla 2020 is the key to a perfectly harmonized BIM structural workflow.

Tekla 2020 is all about improving productivity so your entire team can work together more efficiently. The latest enhancements focus on even better collaboration, visualization, and usability. With easier modeling, faster drawing production, and secure, real-time data sharing you have the freedom to work together in a truly constructible process.

There are many new features of Tekla Structures 2020. Here are some highlights. 

Easy creation of curved shapes: improvements in lofted plates and lofted slabs

In Tekla Structures 2020, the creation of lofted plates and lofted slabs has been further enhanced. You can now model even more complex curved shapes by using polycurve construction objects. Previously, in Tekla Structures 2019i, you could only use construction lines, arcs, or circles to create the lofted parts. Additionally, you can now unfold lofted plates in single-part drawings.


Show and modify drawing views in the model

You can show the drawing views of the selected drawings in any of the open model views to get a clearer understanding of exactly where a drawing view is located in the 3D model, the view direction, and the 3D extents of that view.

New VR mode and other improvements in Trimble Connect Visualizer

You can now view your rendered models in virtual reality mode using Trimble Connect Visualizer. New materials have also been added for material mapping between Tekla Structures and Trimble Connect Visualizer.

To learn more about the details of all the new features in Tekla Structures 2020, watch the YouTube playlist Tekla 2020 new features.

Get your hands on the latest Tekla Structures here and try it yourself.