Trimble’s award-winning structural Building Information Modeling (BIM) software for the construction industry - Tekla Structures 2019i  educational configuration is now available for students and educators on Tekla Campus. 

New features and improvements include:

Trimble Connect Visualizer - Create 3D renderings of your models

With Tekla Structures 2019i, you can access Trimble Connect Visualizer directly from Tekla Structures. In Visualizer, you can take snapshots or create animations that demonstrate the design of your model and the build options, and use the snapshots and animations to create more appealing project presentations. Learn more here.

Trimble Connect Visualizer - Create 3D renderings of your models

Snapping improvements

Tekla Structures 2019i includes new colors and other visual cues for snapping. 

Orthogonal snapping has lower priority among the snap points than in previous versions. Now the orthogonal snap points have the lowest priority among the snap points. If Tekla Structures detects any other possible snap point than an orthogonal point, Tekla Structures uses the found snap point instead of the orthogonal snap point. If there are no other possible snap points found, then Tekla Structures uses the orthogonal snap point.

Snap tooltips for snap points

Now when you start a command that requires picking points and you move the mouse pointer over objects in the model, Tekla Structures displays a snap tooltip that shows the name of the snap point.

Snapping color changes

The colors related to snapping have been enhanced to make the snapping easier and more accurate. The different visual cues in the model help you to pick correct positions when you create model objects.

When the Ortho tool is active and you start a command that requires snapping to two or more points, for example, a beam or polybeam, Tekla Structures displays a rubber band line between the last point picked and the snap point. The color of the cursor, line, and the angle symbol follows the color of the work plane axis: red for x-axis, green for y-axis and blue for z-axis. For any other direction, the line between the last point picked and the snap point and the cursor is gray.

Check the YouTube playlist for more new features in Tekla Structures 2019i. Download here and start learning!