Tekla software from Trimble is project proven to improve concrete construction pour productivity. With Tekla constructible information management tools, contractors planning concrete pours on site have unrivalled insight and control to minimize uncertainty.

To reduce their risks, by better planning and managing their cast-in-place concrete process, contractors’ need a model suitable for the needs of construction. Contractors, without experience or expertise, can quickly and easily create constructible Tekla concrete models and benefit from preconstruction to pour.

This webinar will focus on how easy it is for contractors to create an accurate cast-in-place model to become more efficient.

Join this webinar and learn:

  • How to quickly and easily model constructible cast-in-place reinforced concrete plus temporary structures from exiting preconstruction documentation.
  • How simple it can be to manage updates from the design team to establish the quantifiable impact of those changes.
  • How to quickly obtain accurate quantities and establish key time scheduling information from 2D consultant drawings with effective construction modelling.

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