Preparing "industry-ready" engineers & detailers.  At Trimble, we have recognized this skill shortage and are committed to helping the industry with this skills gap. To avoid any barriers we have created an online platform giving students access to Tekla Structures, a state of the art BIM software, as well as industry specifi¬c tutorials. By preparing students with industry knowledge related to construction management, structural engineering, cost estimating, and detailing, and giving students access to the software used in the industry for free, Tekla Campus creates a platform where students can jumpstart their career and be valuable candidates to the industry.  Fulfilling its promise to expand this vested interest, Trimble Solutions India Pvt Ltd, has also partnered with Reliant Institute of Technology to offer a strategic and specialized training program.  This training program has been designed in conjunction with industry guidance and academia support to prepare a skilled pool of future resource, which will narrow the existing gap between the demand and supply in the industry.

This joint initiative of Trimble and its training partner, Reliant Institute of Technology, plans to impart intensive training to students of 120 colleges in the next 90 days, through a structured training program tailored to meet industry’s requirements and aligned with international standards.  Through this action, more than 2,000 students can take advantage of free access and the training program of this professional software for use in classrooms, labs, and at home.

“The way we engineer things is rapidly being redefined, and we need a workforce ready with new engineering and construction methodologies. By providing free professional tools to students and training them in a structured way, we’re helping them to build their career and making them ready for the industry. Building upon the success of this program in South India, we will extend the program to others parts of the country in Q3 and make over 5000 engineering students industry-ready by the end of calendar year 2016” said Nirmalya Chatterjee, Executive Director and COO, Trimble Solutions.

Commenting on this initiative from Trimble, Kwaja Moinudheen, Director, Reliant Institute of Technology, said “We are delighted to be associated with Trimble in this endeavor, and this is our humble contribution to skilling students for better employability. Equipped with knowledge of Trimble’s BIM technology, these students will contribute to better construction practices, which will benefit the entire construction industry.”