Tekla Campus is about to be reborn with new content and fresh features for your learning pleasure. We are adding brand new learning material and implementing a course-like learning system to get you started with the basics of Tekla Structures. Tekla Campus will also feature insights on opportunities opened up by Tekla Structures in the life after graduation.

Here is what you can do in the new Tekla Campus:

  • Study Tekla Structures effectively by tracking and managing your learning in the all new lesson structure.
  • Watch new tutorial videos about Tekla Structures and hone your skills with practices.
  • Pass tests with high scores or ask for assisting hints.
  • Make your accomplishments known for the whole Tekla Campus community by achieving badges.
  • Introduce yourself in your profile and showcase your skills in your own model portfolio.

In the renewal of the service, the Tekla Campus profiles will also become public. Your display name, description and picture will be available to viewing. If you are not comfortable with your current information to be shown, be sure to change it by logging into Tekla Campus. Do this before 3rd February 2014. For the latest information be sure to like Tekla Campus on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TeklaCampus

Come join the improved Tekla Campus service to develop and showcase your skills with Tekla Structures!