An engineering career fueled by Tekla knowledge

Krystian Warda, a young Polish structural engineer, comes from Lodz, a large post-industrial city in Poland, where people think its winter is even colder than that in Game of Thrones.

Krystian’s civil engineering path started at Lodz University of Technology in 2012. The first encounter with Tekla software for him was at Student Scientific Association meetings within his university. ...

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The excitement of receiving a Tekla Global BIM Award at Trimble Dimensions 2018

Trimble organizes Tekla Global BIM Awards every 2 years. Over 140 projects were entered in 2018, with winners selected from 36 countries. You can view the winning projects here. In the student category,  the team consisting of Fatih Yesevi OKUR, Ebru KALKAN, Ergün ERDOĞAN, and Rufai DEMİR, from Karadeniz Technical...

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“As civil engineers we have the potential to impact the structures around us.”

Meet Amelhan Nikondear, a civil engineering student from Polytechnic of Bandung in Indonesia.  Amelhan has always been interested in pursuing a career in civil engineering, since as a child growing up in Indonesia, Amelhan witnessed many infrastructure-related challenges.

“My country needs a lot of development so I’d like to use my degree and contribute the knowledge I...

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On His Way to an exciting career in structural engineering: Drilon Rraci

On His Way to an exciting career in structural engineering:  Drilon Rraci, a postgraduate student from University of Maribor in Slovenia.  Drilon is currently working on his master’s thesis in the Erasmus Mundus_Join EU-SEE PENTA Programme. He has always been fond of buildings and structures in general but discovered while in secondary education his knack and love of natural...

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“Construction Management at Cal Poly has given me the opportunity to learn and explore construction project planning.”

Trey Garcia is a Construction Management student finishing the third year at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly).  His goal is to to pursue a career with a general contracting company upon graduation. 
“I grew up around the construction industry.  My father is an electrician, and I have always been...

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Meet Christopher Khrisna, Senior at Universitas Diponegoro Indonesia

Meet Christopher Khrisna, senior at Universitas Diponengoro Indonesia.  Christopher decided long ago that he wanted to study Civil Engineering.  His goal is to become a structural engineer.  Growing up he saw many challenges around his country and wants to improve his country’s infrastructure. Christopher is currently finishing up his bachelor’s degree and plans to graduate...

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Fredrik Hermansson teaches engineering using BIM software

Fredrik Hermansson, a senior lecturer at Mid Sweden University, has both practical and academic background on the structural engineering field. A former engineer with the globally recognized engineering firm WSP, he has taken his love for engineering and begun instilling it within the undergraduate students. Each semester 50 budding civil engineering students commence in the structural...

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As students what inspires you to study structural engineering

As students what inspires you to study structural engineering.  "Structures have always fascinated me."  Avishek Dutta is a budding civil engineering student from Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology in India. His passion for structures began as a child.  Avishek would follow his father, a mechanical engineer, around with admiration.  He began to realize early on that the...

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Tekla Structures in efficient use at TAFE Queensland

TAFE Queensland is the largest and most experienced provider of further education and training in Queensland offering practical, industry-related training to over 180,000 students annually, across more than 500 program areas.

A good example of the industry related training is the Associate Degree in Civil Engineering, where students are exposed to tools and processes used in the...

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“BIM is important for the entire building construction process…”

"BIM is important for the entire building construction process...."  Our students on Tekla Campus, all have stories to tell.  They are the future of our AEC industry.  They are perfecting their skills by learning the technology and finding new ways to use these tools to improve processes and workflow.  Ultimately creating eco-friendly structures that are not only...

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“The future in construction is computers and automation”

Students all around the world are diving into their studies learning about the future in construction. They are learning about the challenges facing the building and construction sector, as well as, being inspired by new innovations. The most eager students often seek avenues outside of school to stay informed. Ibrahim Mohammad, a student from Ostfold University College in Norway is doing...

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"I want to leave my mark on society"

“I don’t want to live for 100 years.  I want to leave my mark on society and have the structures I design and build be remembered and seen for hundreds of years to come”

Ahtesham Mulla is a passionate student from AGM Rural College of Engineering and Technology.  He has been around civil engineering ever since childhood and always knew he would pursue it one day.  Both...

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“I want to improve my countries infrastructure”

Alyssa Anne Ibanez Acha is an undergraduate student studying civil and structural engineering at the Institute of Technical Education, Singapore.  As a child she remembered watching her father create drawing plans and had always had the desire to follow in his footsteps. Originally, she was thinking of becoming an architect as well, but as she dove further into her studies she...

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A student renovates with Tekla Structures

Introducing Simeon Doychinov, a student from Häme University of Applied Sciences in Hämeenlinna, Finland.  Simeon discovered his passion for the building and construction industry early in life.  At 15 he focused on Architecture because he liked painting and was good with math and felt architecture offered him the opportunity to apply both of these skills.  Upon finishing his...

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Technology is not just for Consumer Electronics

Download Free BIM Software

Bruno Ribeiro is a shining example of a student with a passion to make things better.  As a child he was fascinated with civil engineering, enjoying TV documentaries vs cartoons.  He knew that once he graduated from high school, he would pursue a degree in civil engineering.  

During his...

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A student pushing the boundaries with BIM

As a student you can not only begin learning the tools and processes that make up BIM but also find new ways of utilizing its possibilities, just like Adil Bari.  Inspiring students like him are testing the boundaries of BIM and discovering new & innovative ways of using BIM to build better, cut costs, improve communication, save time and avoid rework.

Adil Bari is an aspiring...

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A student's journey into BIM

A student’s ambition can take him far in college and career but it’s the dedicated professor who inspires him. As Nikos Kazantzakis said so eloquently, “Ideal teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross, then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own.”

Luckily we have these...

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A student on his way to designing Mega projects

Dang Gia Thuan is a talented and budding structural engineering student from the University of Transport & Communications in Hanoi Vietnam. Currently in his fourth year, he will soon graduate. 

Thuan choose his degree because he loves structures, most importantly bridges, and wants to discover better ways of designing and building them. His passion for this industry...

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Interview of Max Levander

We met Max Levander, a BIM professional, at his work place and asked him about his work and how have BIM skills affected his career. The laid back expert answered us thus:

My name is Max Levander and I am a structural engineer at Ramboll Finland. At the moment I do, besides the normal structural engineer’s work, BIM coordination and other BIM related tasks. A while back we had an idea...

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“I have understood how steel connections actually work”

Viraj Voditel is not your average student. His love for structures started as a child and he has been working towards his dream ever since. We interviewed this bright budding civil engineer and discovered drive, passion and hard work do pay off.

Viraj is currently attending school at Birla Institute of Technology and Science in Pilani, India. Studying Civil Engineering and expected to...

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Interview with a Senior Structural Technician at Arup

Joe Dukelow works as a Senior Structural Technician at Arup.

What did you study and why?

I left school at 16 and initially wanted to start a career within the construction industry which led me to Arup and to the Engineering industry. I undertook part time study at Arup as part of my training and development, undertaking a National Certificate in Civil Engineering, taking 2 years, and...

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Interview of Jesse Pulli

We invited the winner of the BIM Awards Student category to celebrate and receive his winner’s diploma in the Tekla HQ. He was asked about himself, his studies and the model he submitted into the competition, and this is how the cheery young man answered:

I am Jesse Pulli, winner of 2013 BIM Awards Student category. This is my fourth year studying Building Materials and Building...

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Industry Case Studies

Thales Campus: GA’s Winning BIM Project

Student's dive into Thales Campus, GA's winning BIM Project.  The GA Group is a builder and developer from France with nearly 140 years of experience dedicated to pursuing smartbuildings and well connected solutions.  There recent project Thales Campus in Bordeaux, France, includes six buildings with total 60,000 square meters of space for about 2,500 employees.  The...

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Singapore Sports Hub - National Stadium Roof

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At the heart of the Singapore Sports Hub is the new National Stadium, a state-of-the-art 55,000 seat sports venue, air-cooled for comfort and designed with a movable roof and retractable seating to support the widest range of sports and leisure events throughout the year. It will be the first...

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Home of the 2015 European Games, Massive Baku Stadium

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The Olympic stadium in Baku is a prime example of the benefits of BIM, showcasing the speed and design quality at every level of its development. The new 68,000-seat, retractable roof stadium was designed to meet the highest international standards for stadiums set by the UEFA. What is more, the...

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The Kelpies: When 300 tons of steel meet art.

The Kelpies is a public sculpture, an engineering feat and the centerpiece to the recreation area Helix project in Falkirk, Scotland.  This massive structure includes two majestic water horse heads which each stand 30 meters high and comprise of 300 tons of structural steel each.  They form a dramatic gateway at the eastern entrance to the Forth and Clyde canal, and the new canal...

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OP-Pohjola Headquarters - Best Total BIM Project 2014

Sweco Rakennetekniikka (Finnmap Consulting Oy), Sweco Talotekniikka Oy, JKMM Arkkitehdit Oy, Granlund Oy, Haahtela-rakennuttaminen Oy, Byggnadsekonomi Oy Finland

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OP-Pohjola Vallila 2015 project is located in Helsinki, Finland.  Project included demolition of old buildings,...

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Gardens at Bay

Gardens at Bay will have conservatories that will bring in plants native to more temperate climates as well as themed gardens that explore the different cultural traditions that make up Singapore. And drawing attention to these are 18 giant steel and concrete trees, between 25 m to 50 m high. These Supertrees, as they are called, consist of concrete trunks with a canopy made of a complex of...

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New Mont Blanc Ropeways

The two cableway stations are part of the new Mont Blanc cableway which, replacing the three old cable cars, involves the construction of two sections respectively for connection between the valley station of Pontal d'Entrèves (height 1350m), the midway station Pavillon du Mont Frèty (height 2400m) and the summit station of Helbronner Peak (height 3462m).

The executive project is...

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National Museum of Qatar, Doha

The National Museum of Qatar is the flagship in a series of national cultural and educational projects. Inspired by desert rose, the museum is a four story, 300 meters by 200 meters sculpture of intersecting disc shapes up to 80 meters in diameter. The structural solution settled on radially and orthogonally-framed steel trusses, supporting fibre-reinforced concrete cladding panels to create...

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Castle House Tower, London

Castle House residential tower generates its own power through a series of wind turbines. Collaboration between Bourne Engineering and steel consultant TDS Midlands was vital to the success and delivery of the project, and both companies were proud to integrate themselves to the team using Tekla Structures BIM software.

BIM collaboration creates green tower of wind power

Green towers...

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ArtScience Museum, Singapore

The ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay resembles an open lotus flower or an open hand. Ten “fingers” rise out from the base, cupping the sky. It has 21 gallery spaces spread out over 4,600 sq m (50,000 sq ft) of exhibition space.

Stunning architectural marvels, however, are frequently building challenges as they use unusual shapes joined together. Translating these stunning visions into...

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Fisht Stadium, Sochi

The Fisht Stadium in Sochi, Russia, is the venue of opening, closing and medal ceremonies of the 22nd Winter Olympics in February 2014. The setting is beautiful as the stadium is inspired by Faberge Easter eggs: the walls and roof form a single surface that reflects the sunlight. The company that created the distinctive steel roof structure is Mostproekt, a Russian engineering firm...

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