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Mastering modeling one step at a time: New learning paths at Tekla Campus


When you are leaning to master a complex skill, for example driving a car or modeling a structure, you need to proceed step by step. That’s why we have created the learning paths at Tekla Campus: to chop up the learning material into bite-size pieces for a smoother, logical way to proceed. Tekla Structures 2016 brought a new user interface, followed by new learning paths at Tekla Campus....

Tekla Global BIM Awards


Tekla Global BIM Awards finalists 2016 are here! Explore more than 60 top projects including 9 student projects and vote for your favorite now.

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Tekla Structures in efficient use at TAFE Queensland


TAFE Queensland successful Civil Engineering courses teach students constructabilityand prepares them for the real world. We sat down and talked to senior lecturer, Peter De Wet to learn more about his programs success. “We include Tekla Structures in our curriculum at TAFE Queensland to emulate a real working environment,” explains Peter De Wet, a senior lecturer at the Southbank Campus. “...

Collaboration agreement between Faculty of Technology, Universidad de Santiago de Chile and Construsoft.


The Faculty of Technology from the Universidad de Santiago de Chile has signed a Cooperation Agreement with Construsoft through which both institutions express their deepest interest to collaborate with experiences and knowledge, as well as the provision of services.

The activity was chaired by the Dean of the Faculty of Technology Mr. Gumercindo Vilca Caceres and General Manager of...

Recycling and reusing the built Olympic legacy


When watching the Rio games, did you think about who created the venues, and what will happen to all the new sports infrastructure after the games?

Civil Engineering plays a huge role in preparation and identifying the needs, impact and changes that need to be made to the host city to ensure a great event. At the same time, the impact of the event on the city itself have to be...

The Kelpies: When 300 tons of steel meet art.


Check out the latest case study... The Kelpies, the centerpiece to the recreation area Helix project in Falkirk, Scotland. Students there are amazing structures all around you. Composed of multiple materials like steel, concrete, and timber. Have you explored these structures? Have you dreamed of your own creation?...

The Kelpies: When 300 tons of steel meet art.

Use Cases

The Kelpies is a public sculpture, an engineering feat and the centerpiece to the recreation area Helix project in Falkirk, Scotland. This massive structure includes two majestic water horse heads which each stand 30 meters high and comprise of 300 tons of structural steel each. They form a dramatic gateway at the eastern entrance to the Forth and Clyde canal, and the new canal extension....

Tekla Structures Learning 2016 Service Pack 3 now available for download


Service Pack is an update for Tekla Structures. We recommend you to install the latest version of Tekla Structures as it includes many new improvements and updates.

Here is a snapshot of what this update includes:

Improvements to working with steel components Improvements to the organizer Improvements to drawings Improvements to modeling

Login to your account and download the...

Tekla Student Design Challenge - Institute of Technical Education, Singapore


The Tekla Student Design Challenge is an interactive competition where teams of students compete to secure a bid for a construction project. Teams need to cost the project, model & detail the structural frame based off the architectural model, provide a schedule for the project, prepare construction drawings, and present their final bid results to a panel of judges.

To

Changing the industry: German Students Participate in New BIM Course


Changing times require traditional industries to focus on advancement and innovation. A new BIM course at the University in Bochum, Germany, aims to prepare students for BIM in practice. The Ruhruniversity Bochum is the biggest university in the German Ruhr area, the heart of the steel industry in Europe. The region with its 12 million inhabitants has been facing a hard transition since...