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September "Invite a Friend" Winner Announced


We appreciate our students! Thank you to all who shared the word and invited their friends to join our community.

Our winner for the month of September was Liu Xi a student from Aalto University. Liu will recieve a free Trimble multi-use backpack, a "Master" invite badge to showcase in his profile and gain exposure as our October Student Spotlight appearing later this month. Liu has...

Plan, quantify formwork quickly.


Plan, quantify formwork quickly. Join us for this Tekla Webinar

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 Plan and quantify formwork quickly and easily

In this webinar we present the completely new tools for quick and easy modelling of all formwork, as part of the extensive recent development that enhances formwork operations in Tekla Structures. You can also learn about experiences of your peers...

What is BIM to field?


BIM is not just for design of structures, but it also is very much driving the innovation in the field of construction. The I in BIM is a very important letter as it stands for Information. This information can then be used downstream throughout the project’s lifecycle for planning, designing, analysis, fabrication, construction and ownership. Fred Mills from The B1M shares the importance of...

Tekla Campus wins 2016 RISE Awards


Tekla Campus wins the 2016 RISE Awards . The second ever RISE awards was hosted by the Leeds Sustainability Institute at Leeds Beckett University. The RISE Awards promote and reward the talented groups and individuals who are shaping the future of our industry through extensive Research, Innovation,...

Congratulations to the 2016 Tekla Global BIM Awards Student Competition


Congratulations to our 2016 Tekla Global BIM Awards Student competition. A group of 4 students from Lodz University of Technology in Poland, training for their BSc degree. The project team consisted of a collaboration from multiple faculties within the university. The project team included: Civil engineering (Karolina Malańska, Krystian Warda), Architecture (Robert Szuba) and Environmental...

11 tips for professional success


While many things, even entire professions are changing rapidly, some things… not so much. When it comes to professional success, interaction skills, personal ethics and enjoying your work have been important for decades.

Paul McCormick, Managing Director of AECOM , one of the world’s largest providers of professional, technical and management...

What structural analysis or calculation software are you using in school?


We raised this question to our campus users last month and the results are in. 24% use Tekla Structural Designer, 19% mentioned Sap2000, 14% worked with ETABS or Robot Structural Analysis, 12% mentioned STAAD.Pro and then 1-2% fell on a mixture of others.

For most engineers, working with a number of different analysis and design tools for a single project is standard. An engineer may...

New student spotlight feature posted in Opportunities.


We are proud of our students on Tekla Campus and enjoy sharing their success with you. Learn about Ibrahim Mohammed , a budding civil engineering student from Ostfold University College in Norway.

Mastering modeling one step at a time: New learning paths at Tekla Campus


When you are leaning to master a complex skill, for example driving a car or modeling a structure, you need to proceed step by step. That’s why we have created the learning paths at Tekla Campus: to chop up the learning material into bite-size pieces for a smoother, logical way to proceed. Tekla Structures 2016 brought a new user interface, followed by new learning paths at Tekla Campus....

Tekla Global BIM Awards


Tekla Global BIM Awards finalists 2016 are here! Explore more than 60 top projects including 9 student projects and vote for your favorite now.

Vote for your favorite here