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Werfau Adopt Tekla for Structural Engineering to Improve both Their Business Performance and the Buildings They Design


Tekla Webinar: Werfau Adopt Tekla for Structural Engineering to Improve both their Business Performance and the Buildings they Design

"With Tekla, 1 person can complete the fully annotated reinforcement drawings of a concrete slab in 2-3 days. Before, the same task took 1 week for 2 persons" - Pavel Nedviga, Senior Structural Engineer, WERFAU

The Structural design department of...

Estimate, Plan, Build Concrete Better – Pankow delivers superior value with Tekla


Tekla Webinar: "Estimate, Plan, Build Concrete Better – Pankow delivers superior value with Tekla"

Students, Tekla webinars are a great way to learn about the industry and how the industry is using the tools to be more efficient. In our next webinar, occurring on Wednesday, January 11th, you will learn how Pankow, a concrete builder in the United States, is using Tekla Structures to...

Celebrate the holidays, Open BIM Style


Celebrate the holidays, open BIM style. We are decorating our homes, offices and even cranes for the season, so why leave the models plain? The fellow Trimble company SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse offers an extensive range of decoration in IFC format and thus ready...

Tekla Account has changed into Trimble Identity


Tekla Account has changed into Trimble Identity. Your login with Tekla Campus just got upgraded. To take advantage of this new login, you will need to click on the "Activate Identity" link you received in your inbox. If you did not receive this email, you may request one by clicking on the "Forget Password" link on the login page.

What does this mean?

Users benefit by having one...

Sun-powered graffiti


Graffiti is typically writing or images scribbled or sprayed on a wall for public display. Regarded as either vandalism or increasingly as art, graffiti displays someone's ideology, thoughts and street style. Daku, a street artist from India, took graffiti to the next level using steel, the sun, and a wall as his canvas.

Imagine a building with a mural of words on the wall. Now imagine...

University of Cambridge students take on new research challenges


University of Cambridge students take on new research challenges. In the past issue of "The Future Engineer" we pondered the idea of how to know if one should go to grad school. Now let's take a look into the life and studies of grad students. One of the benefits of grad school is the ability to engage with industry professionals on research topics that will improve industry workflows and...

What's your favorite project?


What's your favorite project? Last month we shared 7 of the top Tekla Global BIM Award 2016 projects with our students on Tekla Campus and asked them to recognize there favorite. Not surprisingly our student winners from Lodz University of Technology once again received the highest praise. With 33% of the votes, its safe to say these budding students are on their way to becoming successful AEC...

Delivering LOD Correctly Brings Success


Delivering LOD correctly brings success. Students continue your journey into the AECO industry by taking advantage of these free online pre-recorded webinars. Learn about LOD and how using the Tekla model, can improve performance and efficiency in delivering the project.

Tekla Webinar : "Why delivering LOD 'the Right Way' brings success to both clients & contractors".


October "Invite a Friend" Winner Announced


We appreciate our students! Thank you to all who shared the word and invited their friends to join our community.

Our winner for the month of October was Ahteshamuddin Mulla a student from AGMR College of Engineering & Technology . Ahteshamuddin will recieve a free Trimble multi-use backpack, a "Master" invite badge to showcase in his profile and gain exposure as our Student...

Should you study for a higher degree?


You know what can change lives? Studying. That’s where you start to define your career by learning the skills you need on your chosen path, and it does have an effect on the way you see the world, too.

But what is enough of studying? If you plan a future as a drafter or a CAD technician, the answer is different from what it would be for an aspiring construction project manager or...