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BIM technology, a sure route to work.


BIM technology, a sure route to work.

The construction engineering program at Mid Sweden University in Östersund focuses on ensuring students utilize and understand how to manage construction projects using the same software & technology that industry leaders use. The labor market is looking for students who can work with BIM (Building...

New Tekla Structures 2017 student version available for Download


The new Tekla Structures 2017 student version available for download . Students working with Tekla Structures just got easier and quicker! Tekla Structures 2017 includes a customizable user interface, contextual toolbar and enhancements that make modeling quicker and easier and design communication more effective. New links improve...

How to screw up a job interview


Be it your first position after graduation or a summer job, you will need to get through an interview. However, there are certain surefire ways to screw up your chances to land that dream position. Here are five steps to not getting hired.

Arrive late for the interview . You will be expected to arrive timely for work so being late for the interview will not create a good first impression...

Join the BIM Awards Student Competition


At the end of March, the Associated General Contractors of America (AGCA) announced the $400-million renovation of the Daytona International Speedway’s grandstand in Florida was the most significant construction project of 2016. But this is not the first award it receives: It is the best sports and recreational project in Tekla Global BIM Awards 2015.

Daytona Rising was one amazing...

Antonia chose a hot topic for her thesis


Finding a topic for your thesis can be nerve-wracking and the research process somewhat trying, but many topics can prove very interesting and rewarding. Antonia Tarusova is a graduate student who just completed her master’s thesis at the Department of Structural Steel of Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany. She choose this university because of its rich history -¬it is the largest university...

Latest developments for Efficient Miscellaneous Steel Detailing and Fabrication


Tekla Webinar : Latest developments for Efficient Miscellaneous Steel Detailing and Fabrication. Students sign up our upcoming webinar to learn how to work with structural steel more efficiently.

When working with Tekla Structures, your highly detailed structural steel model can include it all: staircases, ladders, grating and safety-related structures such as handrails and fences....

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras students immersed in virtual design in construction.


Indian Institute of Technology, Madras students immersed in virtual design in construction. Trimble Solutions India Ltd. recently conducted a two day workshop at IIT Madras in Building Sciences department. Indian Institute of Technology Madras is among the foremost institutes of national importance in higher technological education, basic and...

Constructible Rebar Modelling


Constructible rebar modelling can today offer enormous productivity improvements for cast in place construction. Students, Trimble is leading the way in developing more productive CIP construction with constructible rebar modeling, rebar detailing and documentation all within their BIM modeling software Tekla Structures 2017. You can test your rebar modelling skills by...

Sneak Preview of Tekla 2017


Students here is your chance to see a sneak preview of Tekla 2017. Sign-Up for one of the free webinars below or sign-up for all.


Thales Campus: GA’s Winning BIM Project

Use Cases

Student's dive into Thales Campus, GA's winning BIM Project. The GA Group is a builder and developer from France with nearly 140 years of experience dedicated to pursuing smartbuildings and well connected solutions. There recent project Thales Campus in Bordeaux, France, includes six buildings with total 60,000 square meters of space for about 2,500 employees. The construction project was...