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LOD and Constructability


You may have heard the terms like LOD 100, LOD 300 or even LOD 400 from time to time. What is LOD and the meaning of those numbers? Here are some basics about LOD and constructability for you.

In the world of Building Information Modeling (BIM), LOD stands for Level of Detail or Level of Development. As a common reference in the standards published on the...

Winner of Tekla BIM Awards Student Category, 2018


This year, the Tekla Global BIM Awards Competition, Student Category received an influx of entries from all over the world. The winners of the local competitions were announced in the Spring in the following regions:

Local competition in the regions of our channel partner Construsoft , which covers many European...

Release of Tekla Structures Learning 2018


Great news for our students and educators! The new 2018 version of Tekla Structures Learning is available for download now ! The latest version offers faster 3D modeling process, better drawing production and control over changes. The workflow from design and analysis to detailing and fabrication is smoother.


Vote for your favorite Tekla Global BIM Awards student project now!


The biennial Tekla Global BIM Awards competition has received many submittals from Tekla Campus users as well as from regional BIM Awards competitions in 2017 and 2018. Now it is time for you to vote for your favorite project to win the Global final!

Go to this website to check all the projects in Student Projects -tab and vote...

Did you know these 3 things about Tekla Structures?


Learning the right software can speed up your chances for landing the job you want. For example, companies use Tekla Structures on projects like Burj Khalifa in Dubai,...

6 Things every structural engineering student must know


Any student of structural engineering has a desire to understand how structures are built and how they will react to environmental challenges like wind, earthquakes, floods and deterioration. But knowing your trade is not everything - here are six things needed for designing a successful engineering career.

1. Core knowledge in key academics

Like physics, mathematics and cognitive...

Thomas Henke: What it takes to become a global BIM master


The career of Thomas Henke is a prime example of how an open mind and endless curiosity can take you to lead a successful BIM team in complex international projects – and everything that comes with them. The engineer, who has turned his versatile background into an advantage, values each experience and his quest for new inputs is nothing short of inspiring. Now, the BIM professional and...

Trimble at Junction 2017 – 48 hours of hacking the way the world works


Trimble participated this year at Junction 2017 – Exciting 48 hours of hacking the way the world works.

With only 5.4 million inhabitants, Finland is the home for 10% of startups existing in the world ! For a company...

Tekla Structures 2017i now available for Download


New Version means New enhancements; Tekla Structures 2017i is now available for download at Tekla Campus

We know how important it is to learn the tools of the trade and gain an advantage on your peers in this competitive job market. One of the ways to set yourself apart is by learning Tekla Structures and we have a whole new version packed with many improvements and fixes – be it...

Passion and Ability to Adapt Spurred BIM Manager Simon Iversen’s Career


Passion and ability to adapt spurred BIM Manager Simon Iversen’s Career. Currently, Simon Iversen works as a Business Area CAD/BIM-Manager at WSP Construction Design, one of the world's leading engineering firms, but after graduating from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, the civil engineering graduate worked as a structural engineer for several years. His career took a new turn...