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“As civil engineers we have the potential to impact the structures around us.”


Meet Amelhan Nikondear, a civil engineering student from Polytechnic of Bandung in Indonesia. Amelhan has always been interested in pursuing a career in civil engineering, since as a child growing up in Indonesia, Amelhan witnessed many infrastructure-related challenges.

“My country needs a lot of development so I’d like to use my degree and contribute the knowledge I’ve...

On His Way to an exciting career in structural engineering: Drilon Rraci


On His Way to an exciting career in structural engineering: Drilon Rraci, a postgraduate student from University of Maribor in Slovenia. Drilon is currently working on his master’s thesis in the Erasmus Mundus_Join EU-SEE PENTA Programme. He has always been fond of buildings and structures in general but discovered while in secondary education his knack and love of natural sciences and math,...

“Construction Management at Cal Poly has given me the opportunity to learn and explore construction project planning.”


Trey Garcia is a Construction Management student finishing the third year at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) . His goal is to to pursue a career with a general contracting company upon graduation. “I grew up around the construction industry. My father is an electrician, and I have always been intrigued with the logistics and...

Meet Christopher Khrisna, Senior at Universitas Diponegoro Indonesia


Meet Christopher Khrisna, senior at Universitas Diponengoro Indonesia. Christopher decided long ago that he wanted to study Civil Engineering. His goal is to become a structural engineer. Growing up he saw many challenges around his country and wants to improve his country’s infrastructure. Christopher is currently finishing up his bachelor’s degree and plans to graduate later this year....

"I want to leave my mark on society"


“I don’t want to live for 100 years. I want to leave my mark on society and have the structures I design and build be remembered and seen for hundreds of years to come”

Ahtesham Mulla is a passionate student from AGM Rural College of Engineering and Technology. He has been around civil engineering ever since childhood and always knew he would pursue it one day. Both of his parents are...

“The future in construction is computers and automation”


Students all around the world are diving into their studies learning about the future in construction. They are learning about the challenges facing the building and construction sector, as well as, being inspired by new innovations. The most eager students often seek avenues outside of school to stay informed. Ibrahim Mohammad, a student from Ostfold University College in Norway is doing just...

Tekla Structures in efficient use at TAFE Queensland


TAFE Queensland is the largest and most experienced provider of further education and training in Queensland offering practical, industry-related training to over 180,000 students annually, across more than 500 program areas.

A good example of the industry related training is the Associate Degree in Civil Engineering, where students are exposed to tools and processes used in...

“BIM is important for the entire building construction process…”


"BIM is important for the entire building construction process...." Our students on Tekla Campus, all have stories to tell. They are the future of our AEC industry. They are perfecting their skills by learning the technology and finding new ways to use these tools to improve processes and workflow. Ultimately creating eco-friendly structures that are not only visually pleasing to look...

As students what inspires you to study structural engineering


As students what inspires you to study structural engineering. "Structures have always fascinated me." Avishek Dutta is a budding civil engineering student from Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology in India. His passion for structures began as a child. Avishek would follow his father, a mechanical engineer, around with admiration. He began to realize early on that the mechanical equipment his...

“I want to improve my countries infrastructure”


Alyssa Anne Ibanez Acha is an undergraduate student studying civil and structural engineering at the Institute of Technical Education, Singapore. As a child she remembered watching her father create drawing plans and had always had the desire to follow in his footsteps. Originally, she was thinking of becoming an architect as well, but as she dove further into her studies she discovered her...