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The new release with improvements has been published, and it includes improvements in, for example, numbering as the software no longer allocates same numbers to different objects and gives warning of series overlaps. New extensions include Rebar Coupler and Anchor Tools and there is a new option for showing welds in model views. Tekla Structures 21.1 also presents pour object geometry in general arrangement drawings as modeled.

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On another note, this will be the last release that will be supported on 32-bit Windows. The good news is that we raised this question to our Campus users throughout the month of October and 90% of you are already running on 64-bit Windows so this will not be a challenge for you. For the other 10%, 64-bit Windows allows CAD and BIM modelers to maximize your PC’s memory and speed-up processing time. New versions of Tekla Structures will be written to optimize this, allowing you to handle even bigger chunks of data, a requirement when you are dealing with BIM.