The New Tekla Structures 2016: Easier Modeling, Easier Learning.  Tekla Structures 2016 now has a cool contemporary look. But even better news is that the new user interface makes modeling easier and faster. For example, why not start by choosing a model from the list of your recent models, and continue with creating your own custom tab. The default model colors are both pleasant and logical. Your model stands out from the calm background so you can easily spot what you need, while the icons are modern and recognizable.


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Better drawings, faster and easier production

If you need to create drawings, Tekla’s 2D library now offers a collection of ready-made 2D details. Details include items such as bolts and you can just pick details instead of drawing them. Importing, saving and reusing your specific 2D details saves even more time. You can also update details and notes across all project drawings.

Reliable collaboration

When you start gaining modeling experience you’ll fast learn that for construction, information about what has been done and who did it is critical. Now Tekla users can now see what changes others have made to that IFC model they received. Reference handling and collaboration are easier and prevent design and detailing errors.


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