Tekla Campus now offers a new lesson, Introduction to Concrete Structures. It is one of many interactive lessons within the Fundamentals of Tekla Structures Learning Path and the perfect introductory lesson for those students beginning their journey into concrete structures. You will be introduced to concrete structures and the structural assembly of a building.  One of the benefits of Tekla Structures is the ability to virtually walk through a constructible model, and many students have stated that it helped them to understand how a structural assembly comes together.  

The questions covered in Introduction to Concrete Structures include: 

  • When is rebar placed and how is concrete poured?  
  • How does the structural engineer know where the MEP will need to go and will it fit under or around the concrete beams that need to be placed?
  • What does the inside of this column look like?

On this video, we will talk about concrete frame structures, structural members, and how the structure integrates with architectural & MEP model. You will begin to understand how a column interacts with a beam, and why concrete is poured in formwork while it hardens. We will also discuss the importance of tension rods (reinforcement) within foundations, slabs, columns and wall assemblies, in addition to  walking through the basic views, helping you understand how all this comes together to form the beautiful structures around you. 

When you are done with the video, take time to complete the online tests as they to build your Tekla Campus Profile: The more tests you complete the more badges you will gain.  Share your badges and profile with potential employers and gain a competitive advantage.   
We hope you enjoy this new lesson.