Welcome to the new Tekla Campus Lounge. We have been polling and asking our campus users how they would like to interact on Tekla Campus and we are happy to announce the new Lounge is being revealed. The lounge has been designed with you in mind. Join hands with like-minded students on a quest to build your future. Use the lounge to ask questions, help fellow students, gain potential, promote your skills, showcase your profile, and learn from others.

What’s new

Easier Navigation

The Lounge offers separate chat rooms for hosting specific topics. Gone are the days of scrolling through multiple entries just to find the right answers. With the new chat rooms, you can dive right into a specific topic.

Jump Start your Career

One of biggest fears from our students is finding employment after graduation. Within the Careers Chat Room, you can explore blogs, publications, news articles and self-help features targeted to help prepare you for that very important job interview. Use this area to also showcase your work, your thesis, & profile. Many employers visit Tekla Campus in search of talent. You might have just what they’re looking for. Employers, we know you struggle to find good talent. Post your opportunities with us. Tekla Campus is a great way to reach budding talent with thousands of student’s worldwide learning Tekla Structures within their school courses from Steel Detailing, to Structural Modeling and Construction Management.

Better ways to learn

With individual chat rooms established, we have easier access to share valid information about industry trends, as well as, popular and informative blogs posts. Educators, this area is for you as well. Share your knowledge with others. Upload curriculum, presentations, project ideas, or even share a link to your blog. With the new Tekla Campus Lounge, you now have more tools to help build your future. Tekla Campus is designed to create a fun, interactive learning experience that offers help, prepares our students, and provides our industry with viable & much needed talent. The new lounge will continue to evolve and we hope we hear from you. Check out the Tekla Campus Lounge.  Create a post and share your thoughts with us.