Meet Christopher Khrisna, senior at Universitas Diponengoro Indonesia.  Christopher decided long ago that he wanted to study Civil Engineering.  His goal is to become a structural engineer.  Growing up he saw many challenges around his country and wants to improve his country’s infrastructure. Christopher is currently finishing up his bachelor’s degree and plans to graduate later this year.  

While still in his studies, he is taking advantage of learning as many tools as possible and sharing his knowledge with his peers.  Christopher was our February “Invite a Friend” winner.  While his dreams are to make beautiful tall structures, he is not limiting his focus on buildings alone.  His passion centers on all aspects of structures, and can see himself working on bridges, roadways, commercial buildings, even hospital and educational facilities.  He also enjoys all aspects of construction at this time and wants to dive into multiple areas from testing the structures safety as a structural engineer, to cost estimation and, project management.  But once he graduates, he plans to sign on as a government contractor to start his career.

Christopher is certainly off to a good start.  He discovered Tekla Structures through a course in school and wants to focus much of his attention on understanding BIM in Construction and how he can use the tools to benefit projects moving forward. After participating in a Tekla Structures certification class, he received certification on Tekla Structures. 

He also participated in the Indocement Awards 2016, a construction competition in Indonesia, where student teams compete in multiple categories from architectural design to fabricated house design and concrete technology. Students also compete in multiple soft topics like writing, reliability, process, and best methods. Christopher and his teammates entered their project “RIPTA” into the fabricated house design competition and although they did not win, they feel they did learn much through this process that will take them further in their journey to becoming top notch civil engineering professionals.

To learn more about Christopher visit his Tekla Campus Profile here.