When you are leaning to master a complex skill, for example driving a car or modeling a structure, you need to proceed step by step. That’s why we have created the learning paths at Tekla Campus: to chop up the learning material into bite-size pieces for a smoother, logical way to proceed. Tekla Structures 2016 brought a new user interface, followed by new learning paths at Tekla Campus.

Updated learning material includes for example:

• Creating detail with Tekla Structures: Learn how to work with components in Tekla Structures – create and add connections, add and copy reinforcement and select multiple objects.

• Introduction to drawings: Learn about the basic concepts of drawings and how you work with drawings in Tekla Structures. You will also learn about master drawing catalog, drawing management, setting up and modifying drawing properties and creating reports.

Quickly creating and editing Drawings: Learn how to create a foundation plan using the Master Drawing Catalog, how to create detail views, section views, and then also how to control their appearance using pre-saved drawing view settings. See how to add notes to drawings using the 2D Library and understand how drawings are automatically updated when the model changes.

• Basics of analysis and design using Tekla Structures: Learn about the basic structural analysis workflow in Tekla Structures. You will first learn how to create load groups, add loads and create load combinations, and then about creating an analysis model and defining its properties. You will merge nodes, change analysis elements position and add support conditions and move to exporting the model to an analysis application. Finally, you will learn how to get the analysis results back into Tekla Structures.

Basics of analysis and design using Tekla Structural Designer: Continue to learn about analysis and design. You will learn how to export files from Tekla Structures to Tekla Structural Designer. You will also learn how to create loads, load combinations, and run analysis.

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