KRU is looking for you if you are: HIGH ENERGY RESULTS ORIENTED TRUSTWORTHY PEOPLE ORIENTED NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED QUALIFICATION OF SAISC School of Draughting/ Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC)/ TID If you possess these qualifications, please click on the link below: Please note no emailed CV's will be accepted. Applications closes Sunday 20th of January 2019.
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Send your resume to mail
Re: Tekla Detailer South Africa 10.09.2018 06:32

Send your resume to

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21.07.2018 22:11
Can you give a list, Which companies are using tekla structures software in bangalore.
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This is a great opportunity to join Tekla Structures EDU team! We are looking for an Education Associate to fill an opportunity in Espoo, Finland.As an Education Associate, you’ll be a key driver in managing our Tekla Software EDU program, with lots of interfacing with our Trimble Buildings EDU team, business segments (steel, engineering, concrete), online services and marketing teams, area offices and reseller partners, and most importantly, our student and educator end-users.If you think engaging engineering-construction students and educators at the university level feels like a fit, please consider applying for this interesting role!To learn more about the role and apply click on this link:
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Hello Arun,
Re: Regarding job in your Organization 11.01.2018 13:27

Hello Arun,

For all open positions at Trimble Solutions, please visit

When applying for a job at any organization, you can include a link to your Campus profile. It is a great place to showcase your Tekla Structures skills! For more information, see this topic.

Best of luck in your job search!


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Dear Sir/Madam My name is Arun Sharma. I am from India. I have b. Tech and Diploma in Civil Engineer with2 years Experience in Designing and Construction. I am young, talented and energetic person. So am interested to join your organization and interested in Designing.
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Tekla Detailer South Africa
28.07.2017 11:02
I'm a structural steel detailer with over 16 years experience in steel, civil and mechanical. I've been trained on Tekla but do not have formal Tekla certification. I am struggling to find work as either permanent employed or contract. Is there anyone out there who can offer me some advice or guidance? I have the skills and knowledge but I cannot apply it in our trade. My CV is available to anyone who can assist.
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Tekla Structures job postings in Germany.  Hi students! If you are looking for a new opportunity and want to show off your Tekla Structures skills, check out these new listings in Germany...  Need to brush up on your skills, download the latest Tekla Structures 2017 version and walk through the learning path.  Did you know you can also receive badges for completing the test questions.  Think of these as mini certificates to show off what you know!  Add these badges to your resume or CV.
Hi Sharan you can contact our
Re: What are the companies in INDIA using tekla structures? 25.05.2017 07:00

Hi Sharan you can contact our training centers for training and placement opportunities.
In terms of our customers we have all major EPC's & design detailing houses as our customers. You can get some reference names from the link

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