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Hi students. Are you trying to prepare for your future as a civil or structural engineer. We came across this slide share which hosts the top questions posed by interviewers.How would you answer this question.... "Why do you want to be a civil engineer?" Let us know, use the reply button and submit your response.Check out this site to learn more and better prepare.  
High level Draughting are a rapidly growing structural and architectural steelwork detailing company based in Horwich (near Bolton) in Lancashire. We carry out detailing on a wide variety of steelwork structures ranging from balustrade and balconies to bridges and high rise buildings. A drawing office background and good knowledge of steelwork detailing is preferred, however, applicants with experience in steelwork fabrication or erection are welcome as all necessary drawing office training will be provided. We carry out our work using Tekla Structures, an industry standard 3D modelling system, and past experience with this system would be preferred, but once again all necessary training will be provided where necessary and experience in the use of other CAD systems would be an advantage. When you have gained the necessary experience, or if you already have it, you would be required to manage your own projects within HLD, as part of this role you may (dependant on experience) be required to liaise with the steelwork contractor and the project architect and engineer regarding the arrangement of the steelwork, details of the steelwork elements and connections, and the project programme, so good communicational skills and a working knowledge of Microsoft office are essential. High Level Draughting prides itself on the quality of the work it produces and consequently we only look to employ ‘quality’ personnel, in view of this we offer an unrivalled remuneration package consisting of a substantial salary of up to £38.5K for the right applicant, good overtime rates, company pension and health care scheme. Applications should be made with a copy of your current CV to: High Level Draughting Ltd. Rugby House Hampson Street Horwich Bolton BL6 7JH Email:
Students Join Team Trimble
24.03.2017 12:06
Students join Team Trimble.  We're hiring at Trimble Solutions, Structures Division. As a software producer in a growing business, we are continuously looking for experienced professionals and talented graduates from various fields. We are currently looking to fill two opportunities. To learn more about the roles and apply click on the links below.
JMT Consultants Inc. is a full service detailing company, providing structural/miscellaneous and concrete/rebar detailing services. We are continuing to look for motivated Tekla detailers and project managers to join our growing team. If you're interested, send your resume to and also feel free to message me directly if you have any questions.
A Tekla detailer position is available in the Dublin area, Ireland. Email if you are interested.
This is a great opportunity to join Tekla Structures EDU team! We are looking for an Education Associate to fill an opportunity in Espoo, Finland.As an Education Associate, you’ll be a key driver in managing our Tekla Software EDU program, with lots of interfacing with our Trimble Buildings EDU team, business segments (steel, engineering, concrete), online services and marketing teams, area offices and reseller partners, and most importantly, our student and educator end-users.If you think engaging engineering-construction students and educators at the university level feels like a fit, please consider applying for this interesting role!To learn more about the role and apply click on this link:
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Tekla Structures job postings in Germany
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I am interested.

Tekla Structures job postings in Germany.  Hi students! If you are looking for a new opportunity and want to show off your Tekla Structures skills, check out these new listings in Germany...  Need to brush up on your skills, download the latest Tekla Structures 2017 version and walk through the learning path.  Did you know you can also receive badges for completing the test questions.  Think of these as mini certificates to show off what you know!  Add these badges to your resume or CV.
I am looking for Civil/Structural designers with Tekla and AutoCAD 2D and 3D experience to work on large projects. If you are interested, please send your resume to These positions do require US Citizenship. Position is located in Burlington WI. Check out our website at and for information about our company and projects.
In case you're like me, or other ambitious individuals, you understand that even after you work for quite a long time to perform your best, the street to success is still long and winding, particularly with regards to authority in your profession. So how would you keep on overcoming the inescapable levels of career development and come as close to perfection as you can? There is often the same bit of advice I frequently give at true assignment writing help. The answer is simple enough; improve your habits, and you’ll learn to improve yourself. 1. Deliberate your goals and career missions What’s your career mission? If you are stuck at a point in life where you can't recognize your own capacities and capabilities for you to advance, you may need to consider assessing your own capabilities and consider an initiative for a career development program. Tending to your own self-improvement needs is imperative if you don’t intend to go through an emotional breakdown. It's vital to supply a system and take part in discussions with your seniors and bosses. To improve your skills, learning, and abilities, it's important that you draw out a proper strategy and seek guidance. Deliberating over your goals and skills can do just as well to serve you during a long term plan. As a theory, you can explore all your unique points, interests, and values and can serve as a deciding motivation factor to move you towards a better future. On a serious note, your career is mostly set up by your expected set of responsibilities. If you love your job, it won’t feel like something which you’re compelled to do just to pay the bills. This comes only from the knowledge when you know precisely what you want to do, and it becomes a deciding factor when for you to take part in it. 2. Proficiency in your job isn’t the only answer They key nowadays to progress is not to work hard, but to work smart. What good is all your hard work when the management does not even notice you doing it? Other than that, only their expectations will increase. You should make them understand from the beginning that you expect to be rewarded when you work overtime and perform more than your expected target. Most of the time, an employee expects the boss to know what’s best for them and what’s more helpful. In the previous point, I mentioned going to your superiors for advice, but learn not to rely on them for everything. When you do a good job, it won’t be automatically acknowledged, if that’s what you’re thinking. You have to bring it to notice. And the only time an employee mostly comes under notice is when they get the wrong kind of attention or create some sort of problem. Never hesitate to speak up. Don’t just sit around and expect to be noticed. When the time will come for a promotion, the ones who are remembered are those who have constantly made it a point to be acknowledged. 3. Diffusion of work, education, and entertainment Till about the time we turn twenty-one, we’re in a constant learning phase. We listen to and seek advice from our elders and learn all sort of information and take in our surroundings. Beyond that age up till our retirement at sixty or sixty-five, we’re in what, according to Richard Bolles is out “Working Box” which basically means what we must concentrate on producing our best services. Only after that do we consider having rest, relaxation, and some fun after all the hard work we spent most of our lives doing. Needless to say, we become so dependent on our jobs and careers that we feel like we’re nothing without it. We forget to take out time for ourselves and life appear to be meaningless when we don’t have something to do. We constantly ponder over the fact that we’ll have enough to live by if we decide to quit working and because of that, we cease to enjoy our lives and even our work. So learn to walk through a mixture of working and having fun. You don’t have to enjoy your job all the time, but you certainly need to take time out for yourself and unburden your mind to ensure more productivity in your work. The tips I’ve mentioned here do sound like common sense, but you’ll be surprised to know how so many people often overlook them or don’t deem them important. You need to remember and actually follow them to hitch a ride on the bandwagon of career success. Hopefully, these aforementioned tips will help relieve your mind off of the stress you take in every day and make you focus on advancing in your career.
We have published most of our summer trainee positions. Visit either or to see all our open positions. Apply quickly as the deadline is due very soon!
Re: Tekla Detailer position available 22.09.2016 12:17

hi,pls check my resume

I have a client who is looking for an onsite Tekla Detailer in Knoxville TN. Please email if interested!