Hi! I can't connect Idea Statica with tekla structures learning. What shoud i do?
hello, my laptop is a bit slow compared to my work needs. So I decided to add more ram to it. hmm i have an extra ram from my old laptop. I decided to install it but after reboot I did not see that ram in my laptop. I do not know how to do it. I need some help.
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I need to check whether there is a preview in the model or not. If it does not exist, I need to create it using the Tekla Open API. Maybe someone has already encountered similar ones and knows how to implement it, tell me, please.) And I wrote down the macro, I thought that it would help me somehow (wpf.InvokeCommand ("CommandRepository", "Tools.CreatePreviewImage")), but no, a miracle did not happen. How to make a check, whether there is a preview in the model folder, I know. And I know that when you create a manual preview, it is thrown into the model folder and called default thumbnail.png.
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Could you please have a
Re: Tekla Campus Facebook page 20.06.2018 10:24

Could you please have a Google+ page too.

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Crane console and other components in Campus version
Re: crane console 08.06.2018 19:30

Opened question: is it possible to download Crane Console for Tekla Campus in this year?

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Hello I am Dogan, I am studying civil engineering. I would like to learn how can I share a model in Tekla educational version. I have a graduation project and designed my model on Tekla. My groupmate want to work on the model but I couldn't share my model with him. Is there any solution for that. Thank you for your comments and advices. Dogan
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Global BIM Awards for Students
Re: Global BIM Awards for Students 31.10.2017 13:15

Hi Fatih,
The competition is not yet open? Which school are you attending and location. I can direct your entry to the local office for this and they may be able to accept your entry early. You may email me directly at jody.brookshire@trimble.com

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Hi, we are two doctoral students in civil engineering department and we want to participate Global BIM Awards for Student. We have a a few question about this. - Can doctoral student participate the competition? - When Global BIM Awards for students will start ? - Some pages show enter model today. If we finished project, can we send model ?
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I have a video available that illustrates some tips and techniques for modeling parts and assemblies. The video shows how I model and create drawings for an anchor bolt, but the same methods can be used to create just about anything. I hope you find it useful! Here's the link: https://youtu.be/LjAsV8_yAIU CS Wilson
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Hello everyone! I have several videos about using Tekla Structures on my YouTube channel for those interested in that kind of thing. It can be found at http://www.youtube.com/CSWilsonDraws Thanks! CS Wilson (Admin: I'm not sure if it's okay to post this on the Tekla Campus. Please delete this post if it's not appropriate.)
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