Hola alguien me podría decir
Re: Licencia 23.05.2020 00:06

Hola alguien me podría decir si se pueden ver las lecciones en español

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25.04.2020 01:14
Hola No se como colocar la licencia, espero me puedan apoyar. es la version estudiatil
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customizing tekla
03.04.2020 20:45
how can i configure tekla to meet my specific requirements. What program language is needed to customize tekla and what are the input methods. Can i Use Excel sheet to give input to tekla , i heard that few people are already using excel to give input to tekla
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WHEN I EXPORT THIS TEXT IS SHOW " Error in reading the DWG file. Please investigate the TS log file for further details. " PLEASE HELP ME.
Whilst being an apprentice at my current job, I have been asked to do some practice work to help me get up to speed using Tekla, I have been able to install all of the 2019 software with no problem but the only problem I am getting is when trying to attached a Griptec coupler to my modelled rebar it says ‘Illegal input’ I have been able to do attach the standard anchors that are preinstalled, from this I have narrowed it down to the firm folder, but as this is from our company’s licenced 2018 version. I wasn’t sure if anyone would be able to help it would be muchly appreciated. Kind Regards Piers
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did you get it rectified??
Re: problem in application and components catalogue 20.02.2020 09:31

did you get it rectified??

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08.02.2020 10:54
Excuse me, bars diameter in Tekla Structure different with actual size (example: I choose 13, but when I use dimension, diameter is 15). How I can change that problem? I using Tekla Student 2019i (env: Default Enviroment,role: Rebar Detailing,config: Educational) Thank you
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Tekla Campus Facebook page
Re: Tekla Campus Facebook page 05.02.2020 07:55

Hi, I go through Tekla Campus Facebook page its good. I want to know more about Tekla Course because now I am learning Tekla Structure from CETPA INFOTECH because before that I don't have any idea.

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Hi, please do the following:
Re: Erro no modelo! Será que perdi tudo? 10.01.2020 16:05

Hi, please do the following:

  1. Start Tekla Structures.
  2. Select Use your Tekla online license.
  3. Sign in using your Trimble Identity.
  4. Select the environment.
  5. Select Educational configuration and click OK.

Let us know if the problem persists.

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