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05.02.2014 13:49
What is Tekla Campus? How do I download Tekla Structures for learning? How do I start learning? How do I pass a lesson? How do I use my portfolio? Who can see my details?What is Tekla Campus?Tekla Campus is a Tekla website for downloading Tekla Structures educational configuration software, and learning the basics of the software. How do I download Tekla Structures for learning?You need a Trimble Identity and sign in to Tekla Campus in order to download Tekla Structures for learning. You can create a Trimble Identity by following the link on the home page. To initiate the download, go to Download, read and accept the usage terms and click Download. How do I start learning?In Tekla Campus >> Learn you can find our collection of learning materials. The materials are divided into lessons, which include a video tutorial and tests to prove your skills.You can view all the available lessons and their contents in the learning path. The learning path also shows your learning progress and provides guidance on the suggested order of taking the lessons. How do I pass a lesson?The video tutorial includes the main learning content of the lesson. The tutorial will guide you through the subject of the lesson.The tests are scored exercises that measure your learning and determine if you have passed the lesson. If the questions seem difficult, you can open hints to help you find the answer with a small tradeoff of the final score.You complete the lesson once you pass all the tests in that lesson. How do I use my portfolio?Your portfolio is where you showcase your skills with Tekla Structures. You can upload a snapshot of your model and add a title and a description to it. If you want to share the whole model file package, you can attach a link from which others can download the model. Who can see my details?All information on your details page is public. You can edit the information at any time by clicking the Edit profile button. Your detail page is where other Tekla Campus users can find information about you. People may want to see your details and visit your profile if you have, for example, posted a comment to Forum.Your display name is public. If you have not set a separate display name, display name is your first name and last name. You can change your display name at any time.Everyone can view your profile photo and the link to your profile page. You may choose not to upload a profile photo, or you may upload an avatar instead of a photo of yourself.You can add more information about yourself in the About me field. You can also add links to your social media profiles.Other public information includes your Tekla Campus lesson scores and progress. If you want to showcase your modeling talents, you can add Tekla Structures models to your portfolio.Please see our Privacy notice for additional information.
Give a fan Tekla....
22.05.2014 23:50
... and eventually they'll start building their own Death Star. Heh heh.
Hello everyone! I have several videos about using Tekla Structures on my YouTube channel for those interested in that kind of thing. It can be found at Thanks! CS Wilson (Admin: I'm not sure if it's okay to post this on the Tekla Campus. Please delete this post if it's not appropriate.)
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crane console
05.01.2016 02:39
como descargar crane console
Tekla Structures Learning 19
Re: tekla for linux (ubuntu) 18.11.2013 14:07

Tekla Structures Learning 19.1 is supported in the following operating systems:

  • 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8
  • 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 SP1
  • 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Vista SP2
  • 32-bit Windows XP SP3

Currently there are no plans for Linux support.

Other analysis software to consider....
Re: Best structural analysys software to use with tekla? 26.11.2013 17:08

You could always have a look at Tedds and Fastrak software from CSC - a recent acquisition by Trimble Group and part of the Trimble Buildings’ Structures Division in the Engineering and Construction segment!! Website link here

Hi! I can't connect Idea Statica with tekla structures learning. What shoud i do?

My name is Jaana and I am working as a Solution Manager in Trimble Solutions Corporation.
This is a test post really. :)

Re: CREATING NEW PROFILE 25.08.2016 11:16

Cant understand what these text mean. Could you upload any image to illustrate them. Or you can create them by yourself. You can use Sketch Editor in Tekla to create your own section shape. They can also be parametric section.

Linux should be supported
Re: Tekla Structures Learning 19 05.07.2014 16:56

I believe Linux should be supported in all kind of softwares as it is one of the major operating systemes with inscreasing number of users among the world

I have a video available that illustrates some tips and techniques for modeling parts and assemblies. The video shows how I model and create drawings for an anchor bolt, but the same methods can be used to create just about anything. I hope you find it useful! Here's the link: CS Wilson
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Tekla Campus forum is open
19.08.2013 10:21
Hi all, Tekla Campus discussion forum is now open! Tekla Campus discussion forum is the place to ask questions, share ideas and interesting links and comment on other Campus users' posts. We have Tekla persons present at the forum, but we hope to see lively discussion and peer support by all Campus users. Some practicalities: Anyone can read the forum posts, but you need to register and log in to comment and to start new threads at Tekla Campus Discussion Forum. Read more about the Campus forum etiquette in here. Kind regards, Tekla Campus team
This forum thread is meant for introducing yourself to other members of Tekla Campus community. By replying/commenting to this forum post you can tell a little something about yourself, where you study, why do you want to learn Tekla Structures, etc. Introducing yourself here is by no means mandatory, but it gives you nice opportunity to practise the discussion forum functions too, if you want to try out posting first with a lighter topic :) Kind Regards, Tekla Campus team